Giveaway – Something Shiny, Something Mythic, and Something Gold

Thank you all for following our blog and welcoming us into the Tumblr Magic community! To give back, we to invite you to join in our 1k follower celebration giveaway! The winner gets to pick three things: something shiny & rare, something mythic, and something gold (1 from each image above). All you have to do is be following the blog then reblog this post, and the winner will be selected at 8pm PST on Thursday, January 30th.

Like I said early on, I wanted to do a giveaway at 100 followers and at 1000 followers. Well, on January 20th we reached 1k followers, so a give away had to happen. This time, I wanted to make sure I gave something away that the winner could actually use, so I’m hoping that by letting you pick you will select something you can play 🙂 And apparently I don’t have any red mythics (blame my Kaalia deck and every red mythic being a dragon), so I went with Grimoire instead.

As usual, the cards are only open to US residents. However, I want others to be able to enter so if you win and are from outside the US you will receive 4x Rageblood Shaman (MINOTAURS!) and a pack of Theros on MTGO.

At 2.5k followers, the plan is to give away a shock or something at that level, so let’s get there soon 😉


Check out this great contest by SocialMTG. Nice posts, informative articles, and nice people to have in our community. They are saying that if their meteoritic rise in popularity continues, this will not be the last giveaway they do. Stay tuned!

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