I recently came back to Magic, specifically EDH, after a break and selling all my cards. I’m thinking a mono-color EDH deck would be my best bet, since it won’t require as much of an investment in the manabase. I’m thinking mono-B control. I’m torn between choosing Erebos or Skithiryx as my general. Erebos has built-in card draw and prevents annoying lifegain while Skithiryx serves as a handy win-con. If I do go for Skittles, I’m not looking to Voltron–just use him as a finisher. Opinions?



Monoblack control is fun as heck, and there are a ton of great commanders for it, but I’m not sure Erebos and Skithiryx are among them. Erebos does something that monoblack can already do really efficiently (draw cards), so he’s not really granting you anything unique. Skithiryx is awesome when you Voltron him, but without any support, he takes 3 hits to kill someone, which isn’t very exciting, as finishers go. Monoblack control usually wins pretty viciously, often after destroying its opponents’ hands or making it impossible for them to keep creatures on the board (or occasionally, by locking them out of the game with Contamination/Infernal Darkness). In these scenarios, your lead is so strong that any commander would make a fine finisher, so why not choose one that has a unique effect, to boot? Here are a couple that I’ve played with or against and which have proven to be strong and fun to play with:

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Hey hey, don’t knock Mono-Green till you’ve tried it. There are also a ton of fun generals and green has so much to offer.

Green has:

  • ramp
  • creature tutors (into the battlefield, no less)
  • Non-Creature permanent destruction (including planeswalkers)
  • utility creatures
  • pump spells
  • hexproof
  • Regenerate
  • Getting stuff back from the graveyard

Try it out, if you don’t find monoblack to be your cup of tea! 😀

I have a mono-Black Commander Deck. I use Nerarox, Overlord of Grixis. He is so much fun! For a Green Commander deck, I am going to use, Thrun, The Last Troll.


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