Hey, great job as always with the challenge. No new challenge (yet) just wanted to say I really appreciate the job you do here on Tumblr. EDH is a really important format to me, and I wish there were more blogs as informed and willing to help with it as you are. I do have one quick question, and that is, do you know of any blogs that do a similar thing for standard? Where you can submit a deck idea or a request, and have it built or doctored? Thanks so much, keep up the great work! -Kat


I’m glad I can help the EDH/Commander community, but my work here isn’t totally selfless. I’m the kind of person that likes solving puzzles, and helping people build Commander decks scratches that itch; I especially appreciate the challenges you give me because they usually require more thought to solve than the average deck submission.

To answer your question, I’m not aware of other blogs like mine, but I also don’t go out of my way to look for Standard content. Do any of you readers know of any blogs that do Standard deck doctoring or which take deckbuilding requests?

Not so much a blog, but a combo iOS app and discussion forum. It is called iMTG, and it covers almost anything Magic related. Check it out, my name is the acme on there, too!


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