Kriskurse Giveaway #3!

This time I am giving away something very special, to reach a goal a bit of a ways away. This goal is 500 followers, so I need almost 150 more then I have right now. 


  • 1 Dragon’s Maze Game Day Champion Playmat signed by me. 
  • 35$ worth of Alt art product*
  • 75 Grumpy Cat Ulta Pro Sleeves.

*To explain the Alt Art product; I will personally alter any card / cards equaling 35 dollars value for you, with the designs of your choice. I can do anything and everything, you just have to keep the total cost of the alter under 35. (the costs of the card at Starcity prices)


  • You Must be following me.
  • You must reblog this post, and if you please can like it also, but reblogging is what matters most.
  • Once I reach 500 followers, a random drawing will be held and the winner will be contacted within 24 hours. Once contacted, you have 3 days to reply or another name will be drawn. 

Good Luck!

Only 56 more to go guys! That was fast!

47 followers left until 500, and the notifications stop? Lol you guys are so close!

Here is my entry!


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