Magic Prices: The link between the present and past

polishtamales: For people wondering why Magic cards are so insanely high now, you have to consider one of the biggest contributing factors. The game is a consumable good. While not on the same line as food or water, they do get used up and get set aside/discarded. Some cases, you… Spot on article that I … More Magic Prices: The link between the present and past


planeswalkin: planeswalkin: How would people feel about organizing a tumblr Friday Night Magic? This could be for ANYONE, would require no cash (but also have no prizes :/). I’d imagine it would take place around the same time as a normal fnm, and I could organize matches through Skype… Interested. What would we need for … More TUMBLR FNM

kriskurse: kriskurse: kriskurse: Kriskurse Giveaway #3! This time I am giving away something very special, to reach a goal a bit of a ways away. This goal is 500 followers, so I need almost 150 more then I have right now.  Prizes:  1 Dragon’s Maze Game Day Champion Playmat signed by me.  35$ worth of … More