Time for another giveaway!!

This time we are shooting for a larger number then last time. I’m looking to get to 800 followers, so this one might take a while to actually complete! Let’s look at the prizes:


  • 1 Journey Into Nyx Fat Pack (Excuse the poorly drawn fat pack, they obviously aren’t being sold yet.)
  • 1 Journey Into Nyx playmat of the winners choice (the god mats basically)
  • 1 Extended Full art Zameck Guildmage promo
  • 1 custom Marit Lage Token


  • You must be following me.
  • You have to reblog this, and you may like it as well if you want (even though reblogging is what counts)
  • I’ll check my follower count every Friday at 8:00PM Eastern, and continue to check every friday until my follower count reaches or exceeds 800. The first check will be 4/25/2014.
  • Once the goal is met, I’ll use a web randomizer to pick a random reblogger, and contact them both through posting about it and message. You have 48 hours to reply back, or another winner will be chosen.

Good Luck!

Best of luck to the eventual winner!

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