kriskurse: Had too much trouble trying to make it into Link, so I removed the paint and extended it instead. I guess that’s a goal to work on in the future. Love to have this card, except I am SO BROKE! Hope your Etsy story works out for you. My wife is a pro artist … More

commandollar: indubitableambivalence: No. 1 most underrated card in EDH. Makes you nearly guaranteed to make any creature unblockable against any player mainly because nearly everyone will have a nonbasic land. It costs roughly $0.10 and since it is colorless, it fits. I’m not saying Whispersilk Cloak  lost its place but I think Shroud is a … More

A sure sign of a man’s strength is how gently he loves his wife. (via idreamweddings) I agree with this, completely. I love my wife and I want the gentleness towards her to be one of the reflections that people take notice!