So far what I can find is the list of Mill keywords is: “void”, “forget”, “unravel”, “erase”, “pull”, “bleach”, “tear”, “abolish”, “expel”, “censor”, “blank”, “null(ify)”, “subdue”, “reject”, “scrap” and “purge”, “shred”, “scour”, “grind”, “extract”, “omit”, “slip”, and “lapse” .




Okay everyone, here is the current list. Pick your three favorites. You don’t have to pick three – one or two is fine. And if you’d like to say why you like them, that would be appreciated.

Have at it, Question Marks.

I like Grind a lot, but it barely works well. Extract is good, but it reminds me more of “exile from the library and hand” effects. Omit, Purge and Lapse are my favourites overall.

I vote Purge, Extract, and Omit.

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