It’s time for a summertime giveaway! This summer is shaping up to be a fun one with the Modern Event deck, Conspiracy, and M15 bringing us new borders. This giveaway should be a fun one, and all you have to do is be following us and reblog/like this post! For every 250 notes we will move to the right, and the cards are cumulative. So, currently at 0 notes Ash Zealot is the giveaway, at 250 its Ash Zealot and Master of the Feast, at 500 it is Ash, Master, and Solemn… and you can figure it out from there. So as time spreads there will be more and more on the line! Winners will be announced at 8PM PDT on Wednesday, May 21.

Also, I’m not sure why but I somehow agreed to a ridiculous sale on the beanies. What we’re doing is $12 per beanie, AND if you order 2 or more (so get your friend in on it) we’ll give you a dollar off on every beanie in your order with coupon code “tumblr”.  You can go ahead and thank Aaron for that one…

I guess you can say I’m a big fan of summer, so let’s get it started the right way 😀

Let us get this chain started.

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