A Shocking Giveaway!

You all voted, and we came through so it is time for our giveaway. This one will be a little different than our usually, because it is happening thanks to empeopled and our users over there. Recently, I won a prize from empeopled I want to thank those of you who made it happen by doing a giveaway. So, we are now giving away a Hallowed Fountain from RTR! You can get in your name in the entry a few ways…

  1. Reblog this post and be following us.
  2. Send me (mtd14) your tumblr name on empeopled, and for each level you have in the Magic the Gathering group you get an additional entry (so level 4 gets 4 extra entries). I’ll manually go through and check your levels just before the drawing. If you haven’t signed up for empeopled yet, do so here and you still have time to climb a few levels.

I will do the drawing on Thursday evening at 8pm PDT. I will only ship the Hallowed Fountain inside the US, but I don’t want to exclude others so I will give away an MTGO Theros Block draft set to a winner outside the US. Also, we are down to just 4 3 beanies left, and I won’t be getting more in for at least a couple months so now is your last chance!

Thank you all for following, we appreciate it and we will continue to bring you fantastic MTG content.


Here is my entry.


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