A Brief Intro on what I am am my Blog is about!

After several months floating in the M:tG Tumblr community, I thought I would throw my hat in. (Note: Thanks to all of you, who have been following me, before now; I hope to give you continually good content) A brief intro is in order. My name is David, and I am a married, middle-aged disabled Magic player. I have been playing this game, on and off since Ice Age/Tempest era (really dating myself here :0). I am a Timmy at heart, with a strong Vorthos filter on the cards, combos, and Tribal decks I play. I will admit, I have some Johnny in me, when I like a certain combo in my deck.

The focus of this blog is going to be on the challenges, needs, and considerations that disabled Magic players face in playing such a marvelous game. I know, personally, how hard it is to get to a LGS (driving, parking, lack of elevators, tables that can allow wheelchair access, etc.), Many locations have these and other adequate universal access issues for players, like me. As such, I want to be an advocate for this sector of the game’s player base.

I also want to highlight my opinions on various formats, including Casual, Commander, Two-Headed Giant, Archenemy, and for spice, a little Standard/Modern for good measure. In these areas, I hope to highlight/introduce unique cards that may not see much play or be unfamiliar to many players. I plan on weekly postings, probably on Wednesdays, so stay tuned. All in all, let’s have some fun, and make the web  a better place for ALL Magic players!!!!


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