Ableism doesn’t really exist. Everyone is disabled in some way, it’s just that some are insensitive as to how people are differently disabled to themselves. Lots and lots of young to old people have anxiety issues, work stress, depression and self-esteem problems in the modern world. Poor mental health is everywhere, we’re just used to seeing it and it’s the new ‘normal’.


  1. Yes ableism exists, even amongst disabled people you can be ableist towards people with different disabilities or even your own, being disabled does not exempt you from ableism
  2. No not everybody is disabled, being a bit anxious about exams is not the same as having a long term anxiety disorder, being stressed at work is not the same thing as being disabled, that is simply a result of alienation under capitalism
  3. Being disabled is not just ‘being stressed’, being disabled is a social oppression, it is something done to us because of our impairments. whilst abled people’s needs are accomodated for eg they can not fly so stairs are built, disabled people’s needs are seen as extra and too hard to implement, eg putting lifts in all public spaces because not all disabled people can use those implemented stairs

As a physically disabled person, these things are so true. Check Ur my blog for a take on playing Magic, as a disabled person, if you are interested.


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