A Quick Follow-Up on Duels 2015

Last week, I gave a review/editorial on the new Duels 2015 that landed on PC, iPad, XBox 360, and XBox One. In that review, I brought up the issue of micro-transactions to unlock a block of exclusive cards. This has become a divisive issue for many, and has led to some flame wars on the Steam forums and others. I still feel that the game is Pay-2-Win, but after having played the demo, it is a polished game and runs well (for me, but not for others, I have seen).

I did not get much feedback on this issue, so I want to open the gates to hearing from you. My Ask box is open, and I am very willing to hear back from you all. Also, if you have ideas or cards, you want to discuss, please drop me a line. This blog is designed to have interchange between myself, the Magic community, and the whole Tumblr community, at large. Until next week…


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