Card Corner: Aladdin’s Ring

Aladdin’s Ring (9th. Ed.)

Today, I want to discuss a little-seen played card, that has a unique usage in Commander. Direct damage is usually only found in Red or a color mix, that contains Red (R/W, R/G, R/U, etc.). Colorless artifacts can give unique access to use this power in other colors; Aladdin’s Ring in no exception.

Having a casting cost of 8, and a matching activation cost, is a huge disadvantage. The reasons for this, back at the card’s inception was to limit the abuse/power creep that a colorless source of direct damage could have, over a Red source. Flash forward to today, with a large-format, slower game style, numerous ramp and mana rock resources, and the card now has renewed potential.

This would be a perfect addition to a Green-heavy Commander deck, that has land ramp, and the aforementioned mana rocks. Since Green only has strong support for fight mechanics for creature removal/control, this allows another resource to the toolbox, without having to play another color, like Red. Secondly, taking a beefy Astral Cornucopia, with a bunch of counters, makes the Ring card a 1-2 punch! Splashing Blue, you could Ensoul Artifact the Ring to give you a 5/5 creature, when either you do not have 8 mana free or need a blocker/attacker. I can see this might also fit an Artifact-heavy deck with or without Affinity.

Coming in at under .25 USD, it is a bargain. Check this card out, and shoot me an Ask, and let me know what you think.

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