Can you explain usurper to me?




So, Usurper is a variant format that can be played in pretty much any environment, both EDH and 60 card and is meant for games of 5+ players. From personal experiance, 5 player and 7 player games have run the most smoothly.

The game is split into four different roles: the King, Bodyguard, Traitor(s), and Assassins.

Before you begin a game, you will all need to choose a deck. Write down all of the different roles on slips of paper and draw them out of a hat, bowl, or some other way to make it random. Every player must keep their role a secret through the course of the game except for the king. The king will announce them self and at this point may choose to change decks. Only the king is allowed to change decks at this time. This allows for that player to potentially drop an aggressive deck for a more defensive deck.

In a five player game, there is one king, one bodyguard, one traitor, an two assassins. In a seven player game, there is one king, one bodyguard, two traitors, and three assassins. I’m not sure of the exact numbers beyond that point.

The objective for the king is to remain alive. This is difficult because most everyone wants you dead and you don’t know who your ally is. The kin wins by not dying.

The bodyguard’s job is to keep the king alive and win when both s/he and the king are the last ones standing. Because you aren’t allowed to communicate your roles, it is difficult for the king to know if you’re a friend or foe.

The traitor wins when s/he is the last one standing. This is accomplished by teaming up with the bodyguard and the king to take out the assassins and then turning on them. It is helpful to let the king get smacked around a bit, but you can’t let him or her die until the assassins are dead.

The assassins have the simplest goal: kill the king.

It’s a pretty fun format, and a good way to shake up the norm of free for all EDH if you have the numbers for it.

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