Qwerky Commander Artifacts

Back this week, with more little-known or little-used artifacts for your 99 in the a Commander deck. I first want to mention that I normally post on Wednesday’s, but I had some technical difficulties. Never fear, today’s post will be a 3-for-1. Rare in Magic, but oh so sweet!

First up is a great little Red chaos/Green flyer artifact called Bottle of Suleiman.(4th ed.)


Basically, you have a colorless artifact that says I have a fun risk/reward factor. The upside is that I can get an on-curve 5/5 flying Djinn for 4 in any color, or take five damage direct to the face. Not bad for a 50/50 chance, in my book. The Red deck Chaos player loves coin flip cards like this to add some extra spice/chance (think Scrambleverse). Green has usually only Reach to deal with flyers (not withstanding Hornet Sting, Hornet Queen, and the Cockatrice), so being able to get a 5/5 flyer might be just the ticket to close out a game.

Second card up at bat this week is Pit Trap (Ice Age)

Now let me tell you, having a Pit Trap on the board makes ground meanies think twice about attacking. For 2 colorless, and tap/sac this artifact you can send that Terra Stomper to an early grave. Anything on the ground that either attacks or cam be made to attack, dies with no regeneration clause, whatsoever and with the amount of graveyard recursion for artifacts, this becomes very playable at only two mana a pop.for reuse.

Our closing out the inning, is a small little automaton, called Juggernaut.(m15)

While this has not seen tons of play in the last, few years, it still holds a great place in Magic’s history and versatility. A 5/3 ground pounder trades well, if needs be, but usually gets in good hits before its destruction. Also it has the upside of fitting in any color combo deck, with few exceptions, and cannot be blocked by Walls (not a big deal most of the time, but French Vanilla is better than just Vanilla, in my playbook). Great choice to assist White Weenies or for Artifact Affinity in Esper colors, as well. As added proof, the recent GP Portland had some pros playing this card, so that just goes to show you the card still has relevance in both a tough curve format, such a Limited, as well as Commander.

That is all for this week, but please feel free to comment, send Asks, or make suggestions on what you might want to see. After all, we Planeswalkers must hold sacred the Will of the Council.


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