Back from the Blind Eterneties

Hello one and all:

So sorry to be gone for such a very long time. I will not borer you with the details, but between house sitting out-of-town, medical appointments, online classes, and Internet issues, I have not been able to keep up. Anyways, I am now back, and we have had our second-to-the-last Core set, and started the Khans of Tarkir Block. Great stuff to be talking about, as we go forward.

This week, I have a simple card combo for EDH/Commander for you to try. As many of you are aware Gideon, Champion of Justice

the Planeswalker can become a Creature, that is Indestructible. His only downside is that he does not have reach of Flying. In trying to give him evasion, Equipment and Enchantments work, but fall off, once he returns to being a Planeswalker.My solution is a go back into Magic’s past, and pick an Artifact card that grant Flying, but does not need to attach or be bonded to any one card. That card is Flying Carpet,

which gives Flying to a Creature, until end of Turn, by playing 2 and just tapping it. Now you can make your Planeswalkers, who become creatures ans anything else you need quick Flying for, happen. Being colorless is a nice bonus, too.

I will go for now, but I do want to take a special moment to say thank you to all of my supporters, and those that believe in me and this blog. A special shout-out to MTG Studio, the best way to catalog and analyze your card collection and decks. Also, for a great way to play online with other players, check out Virtual Playtable. Until nest time, may your Planeswalker spark burn bright!


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