While we wait for Magic 2015 Expansion. . . .

Hello again!

While we wait for an expansion to the Magic 2015 digital game, I thought I would throw out some ideas I have on the subject, and share a unique way to show off your digital games, including Magic.

First of all, the rumors circling the Expansion of Magic 2015 revolve around the Plane of Alara. As was noticed in some early build videos, this Plane was clearly seen as being an available card pool selection. However, the game did not launch with this option so it has been assumed that this will be the expansion slated to come out TBA – Fall 2014. While I love that Plane, with the Shards, I feel that we need the Khans of Tarkir Wedges, even more. The game’s dynamic is to reflect the themes and moods in paper Magic, as an enticement for digital players to pick up actual cards. To accomplish this, we need Khans, as our Gold set, with Alara stuff thrown in for good measure, secondarily. I am curious what you all think about this. Do you think if we do not get this for the expansion, we will get it later, in future card packs/planes? Please chime in!

As to the other item I mentioned, I recently cam across a Steam title, with a cool twist. It is called Anarchy Arcade, a game mod/Front-end for games. media, web, etc. that allows you to navigate them in a VR environment.

  It is currently available as a Steam Early Access title for Alpha/Beta testing, and will be priced around $10-20 donationware for the full version. I was particular drawn to playing Magic 2015 as as cocktail arcade cabinet, akin to PAC-MAN from the early 80’s As this front-end/mod is geared for mufti-player, I think a retro game of Magic in VR will be great fun. Go check it out for yourself, and see what you think.

I will go for now, but keep your mana pools clean and your artifacts polished and in working-order until we meet again.


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