Great News for Magic 2015 Fans!

Dear Magic DOTP Community:

I have great news for the Magic 2015 player-base, who has been playing these games or years! As reported by IGN, Magic 2015 will be relaunched to make dramatic changes to the base game, as well as how bonuses are added in the future. You can read the whole article, via the above link, but the gist of the changes are the following:

1. ALL cards can now be earned, without buying virtual Premium Booster Packs for REAL Cash!

2. New Multi-player Battle Pack mode to be added to win Battle Booster Prize packs

3. New Garruk’s Revenge Expansion to be released for $4.99 USD, which adds new Revenge Campaign and Plane of Alara card pool. just want to say, people like myself and many others have been vindicated in our protest of this year’s monetization of the annual game. I think we will next see 2HG return (something I will be greatly happy to see) next. I knew that getting the word out on the issues we had with the game would pay dividends, and now we have the proof. Keep voting with your wallets, and the companies will listen.

P.S, I recently discovered a wonderful, full customizable video game front-end for Windows, called GameEX.

The developer is a great guy, who fully gives back to his community in both support and feature requests. As a disabled gamer, his software is fully Universal Access piece of software that allows you to control your games, music, HTPC settings (XBMC, Plex, Windows Media Center, etc.), emulators, and even Steam games (if you want an alternative to Big Picture Mode)! Spesoft is currently running a Lifetime Software License Promotion that now only gives you these features, but more online integration as well. Check’em out, and tell them Condor-Wingman sent you. You will not regret it!

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