Blog Creature Type – Changling

This week’s post is to notify my loyal readers/followers that this blog is growing in focus, with a renewed emphasis on how gamers of all stripes play games (digital and physical). In addition, I also feel compelled to show how they interact with the community, through social media,  software platforms (OS’s, front-ends) adaptive controllers/hardware, and multimedia usage. I will also give examples of the best tools and tips that they need to be competitive, honest, and above all, great sports, in these same, said activities.

Fear not! I set out to educate, give perspective, and show people that the disabled are very capable players of games, like Magic, and that will not change. What these changes really means is that I can better serve my community, by highlighting the ways technology is helping to close the gap between the “typical” able-bodied gamer and “special-needs” players. The end goal is to show that such diversity is only additive to the mix, and not a detriment to the sub-cultures prevalent in the 21st. Century.

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