A Quick Note on My New Direction. . .

Just wanted to let my audience know that I am still on my quest for disabled gamer advocacy and focus, but I have bee held up with doctor visits, and the impending move of my brother-in-law, but fear not, I am keeping up with the scene, as it were. I am in the midst of my review of Magic 2015‘s Garruck’s Revenge Expansion, including changes to the pay-wall, card pool, and overall bug fixes, as well as watching the development of new game front-end choices for gamers of all stripes.

I do want to give a shout-out to one of my new finds, Cellar Door Games, and their support of universal access gamers, with their flagship title, Rogue Legacy.


You can play on keyboard, gamepad, fight stick, etc.; so no matter how you like/need to play they have got you covered. .In this great Rogue-lite platformer, you try and best the enemies that plague your family. I won’t spoil it, nor my brief description can do it justice, but check it out. They are a great bunch of people, that stand by their products, fans, community, and gamers everywhere. Of even greater news, they have recently brought Rogue Legacy to the PSN, so now you can game this on PS3/PS4, and I bet even linking with your PS Vita, too! Tell them Condor-Wingman Sent you, and you will be pleasantly surprised! ‘Till next we meet again, Game-On!!!!.

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