Magic 2015 Garruck’s Revenge Review

As I stated last week, Magic 2015 got it much-needed Expansion, entitled Garruck’s Revenge. The really nice thing about this DLC is that for many, it will be free for many buyers. As a goodwill gesture to the community, which has highlighted many issues with the launch of Magic 2015 (myself included), to show that they do care, and to make up for the paywall system they started with. For those who did not buy more than the vanilla game or did not have last year’s version, the cost is $4.99 USD. Not bad, cost-wise, but it could be better.

The primary addition of this campaign is to give players access to a tweaked G/B Garruck Deck to take on the Plane of Alara. This plane was the first, true “Gold” card block printed, comprising of tri-color “allied” color cards that work in tandem, called Shards. This is a partial inspiration, mechanics-wise for the tri-color “enemy” cards seen in this fall’s Khans of Tarkir, called Wedges.This is something that players have wanted for many years since Alara.

From a card pool variety stance, the new expansion gives some much need  deck-building tools to help break the stagnation seen since the game’s launch this past summer. I have seen multiple board posts that they keep seeing the same 3-5 decks, with no real diversity. Magic 2015 suffers from the same issues as Paper Magic, with a static metagame that does not easily change. These new cards will indeed help, but the overall pool size still fights against such a plethora of deck styles that players want to see. I expect that more expansions will show up, so we will have to settle for this for the time being.

At the time of this review, I have beaten the Garruck’s Revenge campaign, but I have not fully unlocked all of the new cards, yet. Though, from what I have seen, I see some improvements under the hood to the game (i am in the minority on this), use of “gold” cards, and more options to build Artifact deck(s). I would give the game 4.0/5.0 stars.

Arcade Game Community Spotlight: Red Level Games

I just wanted to introduce my readership to a very supportive company, called Red Level Games. Their new product, recently add to Steam Early Access is Dragon.The construct of this game is you play the legendary beast, rather than the villagers, knights, soldiers, etc. They fully support controls that allow all players to play the game (even those with motor-control issues), across key computer platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux), and priced competitively for such an ambitious project. These folks are die-hard gamers, that are working hard to get their company to the next-level. Support these guys, and check out and buy their great game so they can give us the game that we want, ultimately.

An $18.00 investment for a game-in-progress may seem like a risky proposition, but with a renewed focus by Steam on who can be Early Access, and the constant Hot-fix releases for Red Level Games should sway your concerns, and jump in. Check’em out, and tell them I sent you. Until we meet again, drop some virtual coins into your game, and play on!

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