“We have got to go Back to the Fut . . . 2015!”


The year of hoverboards, Power Laces Nike sneakers, Grays Sports Almanac book to be published, obsessive 80’s references to pop culture, video games where you don’t use a controller, skater culture, Japanese Pop cultural influences, prolonged movie franchise sequels, etc. (and that’s just from the news from the last six months).

All humor and beloved movie topical inserts aside, Happy Belated New Year! I have been swamped with doctor appointments of every sort, so I am just now catching up with you all. I hope everyone had a nice winter break and are hungry for what comes next.

First on the list, is a quick recap on what I got for Christmas. I received several nice items, the highlight being that I got The Elder Scrolls Anthology for PC, and the White and Red Commander decks for Magic: The Gathering. As I say, Commander is a great format that is more accepting of disabled gamers, as it tends to be less cut-throat than Standard or Draft.The best bang for your buck is definitively contained in these decks, as their contents are exceed the MSRP of the product, at most stores. 

The best cards include, Wurmcoil Engine (with Wurm tokens), Daretti, Scrap Savant, and Containment Priest. The projected value for the Red deck is $72.00, with the White Deck at $68.00. In short, if you play Magic or just for the finance, pick these two decks up, ASAP!.

Secondly, I wanted to mention a new piece of software for your media collection system. As many of my readers know, being able to stream, watch, backup, and travel with your movies is a high priority for me. I seem to watch movies now in bed, my wheelchair, in the car, on my tablet, console, and the like way more than on the couch on the living room TV. The reasons vary, but my mobility issues and needed hardware come into play, as it is for so many of the disabled.

While I have highlighted great tools to convert your DVD discs to portable formats, online streaming platforms, Blu-ray conversion, etc.; I have not mentioned being able to take your original discs, shrink them down to fit on a DVD-5 (4.7 GB DVD+/-R blank disc) from the DVD-9 discs (typically professional pressed 9.4 GB DVD’s) movies are sold on, until now.

I found a nice independent developer, who believes that you should exercise your Fair Use rights, and be able to shrink and backup your discs, easily. The company is called JDobbs Softworks and the product is DVD ReBuilder Pro.Preview

You use any DVD Ripper to decode your disc, then the magic of DVD ReBuilder takes the guesswork out of making a new backup disc that will fit on a Blank DVD Burner disc. Check out the site, and you will see what I mean. There are two versions available, Free and Pro.

As is the case many times, the Pro version is the best choice, with more options, including scalable pro converter support, and future development. Right now the donationware price is $29.95, but that gets you lifetime updates, helps keep the project going, and encourages more features and software versions that can still be free for the foreseeable future. Drop by, and I think you will want to pick this up as a post-holiday buy.

Anyways, I will climb back into my temporal displacement travel device, and see you when the Cubs win the World Series, and Jaws 19 opens. Until then, may your license plate always read, OUTATIME!

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