I will design a custom MTG token for every person who reblogs this post with a request. One lucky winner will receive 6 printed tokens in the mail!

My last custom token giveaway was a huge success, and yesterday I hit 500 followers! All you have to do is send a request for a token, emblem, or counter my way (e.g. “Can I get a 1/1 green Snake token with Arbok on it?”) and I will design and post that token. Then, on Wednesday, February 4th, I will put the url of every person who sent me a request into a spreadsheet and randomly select a winner. The lucky winner gets to request any 6 tokens (that’s how many I can fit on one sheet of paper) which I will then print, cut out, and mail to them. Hit me up!

A 5/5 Demon token with nick cage ghost rider on his motorcycle!


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