A Brief Interlude of 3D viewership for Disabled Media Consumers

I just wanted to drop in and let everyone know of a great set of software that will allow you to set the 3D parameters of the videos and movies you watch. As many people know, with a renewed focus of movies and TV shows in the cloud, the ability to have titles that well utilize our 3D HDTV monitors and TV’s is becoming a more complex system. Added costs and limited choices, with a bypass of 3D on many future 4K Ultra HD devices becoming a strong reality, based upon recent expos (like CES 2015), a dicey proposition. 

Software that will make getting our content in a 3D system that we can use in a manageable format a vital piece of our content viewing. This is especially important for those of us, who are disabled, as we may need to adjust the 3D effect of the movies we watch to better suit our vision and hardware requirements. To that end, I recently found a great set of software to make and view 3D content on a PC/HDTV easy and affordable. The website/company is called convert-to-3d.com. Their two products, 3D Video Player and 3D Converter works in tandem to make and view any Non-DRM video file or source in 3D. This software allows you to setup both anaglyph (Red/Cyan lenses) and passive/active HDTV (Real3D) standards.

As in many cases of software titles/suites that I have reviewed before, there are trial versions to try out and see if you like the results. However, for around $25.00 USD (with discounted upgrade prices on major updates) you can make and watch any video file, including your home movies in an immersive way. That is the cost of one 3D-Blu-ray movies, and you can have the same 3D effect on ALL of your non-DRM files! I have tried and gotten the full versions of both, and I think once you try it, you will get it as well. Until next time, roll the film … .

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