Movie Collector 9.5 Cobalt Pro Review:

In a crowded space of database software titles that are customized and designed for a bevy of things, finding the right solution for one’s needs can be difficult. That said difficulty rises significantly is one does not have extensive technical software skills or the physical ability to compile the software. While I have technical experience and training, I am not a programmer (since my active days of working are over); I now am disabled.

I know all too well what my limits are, and being able to gather information on what I own, particularly my extensive media collection (movies, music, video games, books, etc.) is a high priority. Having a very limited income now, makes me pause and make sure that I do not own an item already or have it ordered/wish listed.  I also want to make sure that I am able to know if I have the item in my hands or loaned to friends/family for their enjoyment. I also have carried insurance (renters/homeowners) on my personal possessions, and keeping meticulous records is key, if a claim is filed for lost/damaged/stolen items.

Having discerned what my needs are, I set out to try to find the best software for my needs. The first hurdle on my list is reigning my massive DVD/Blu-ray collection, numbering over 2,000 titles. I have tried free versions, trial versions, MS-Access databases, and so forth. They fell short of my needs. Then I found the website, and found the software titles that I would meet my needs.

I have used this family of software since 2009, and each iteration and developmental change has brought greater usability and flexibility. Since I came onboard using these software titles, they have added cloud support that allows you to check your collections, anywhere in the world (with Internet access, of course). The handiness of this is wonderful for shopping/bragging rights, wherever you may need them.

My focus software title that I want to discuss with you today, is Movie Collector 9.5 Cobalt Pro. This is a flagship title that allows me to keep track of the largest personal collection that I own. I had inherited many, many movies on various formats (VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, Digital), from my late parents, along with my acquisitions. As I stated earlier, I have in excess of 2,000 titles (Movies, TV Series, Music Videos/Concerts, etc.), so I would be lost without Movie Collector.

The toolsets that come with this fine product allow you to add titles to the database in many ways. You can add by Titles, UPC barcode, New Releases, and Popular Searches of the online database.


While the majority of my entries have been done manually with Title entry, I have had prior access to a barcode scanner that greatly expedites the process, significantly (As a side note, does offer barcode scanner app that is priced to suit your needs, if you are so inclined).


Once you get the films in the database, you can do many things with the data. You can print an inventory list, create a disc labeling system, define ownership, loan records, show formats available, sample screenshots viewer, and even link your collection to your smart phone, for usage on the go.


The supported phone platforms are iOS and Android, and do require separate app purchase from their respective application stores, to use this feature.

One thing I want to mention is that this great software title does not just add text lists of your movies, but full-color cover scans, actor lists, studios, reviews, and much more. I really love the virtual shelf, which allows me to see my movies in a fancy wood bookcase, that I can peruse, at my leisure.


On top of that feature, you can even do Cover Flow, (a la Apple iTunes), if you prefer to get up close to your films.


As you can see, this just scratches the surface of what this software can do. You can get a basic version with “less” bells and whistles for $29.95 USD, which includes one year of major updates. The Pro version of this software includes Bulk Edits, Custom fields, more Export options, and such. The Pro version of the software costs $49.95 USD and I feel the customization and time savings are worth the twenty dollar difference. In either choice, you get the one year of free updates, unless you select a subscription plan to extend one’s upgrade options. The prices for each title upgrade average around $24.95/year, with discounts for multi-year packages I think you will agree that these features and options make the purchase of this title a worthwhile investment. As a disabled gamer/movie fan, it is worth my precious time to help me get my virtual affairs in order, and I think you will too!

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