CLZ Barry App Review:

As in my last article, I mentioned that I had experience with barcode scanners and inventory entry. I used to be a field service IT tech, working in major retailers and stores to help track parts and installations going in/out of the facility. We used specialized tools and equipment that was fairly expensive, required dedicated hardware, and needed a dedicated network interface for data exchange. Such factors make the cost usually prohibitive for the average consumer.

Thankfully, technology is making our access all the more affordable. Now, instead of needing a dedicated piece of hardware, we can have a scanner in the palm of our hands, in the form of a smartphone or tablet. Not only on these devices do we now have away to collect the data (via camera), but we can use cellular and WI-FI to transmit the data, to when we need it; be it home, work, the store, etc. The question then becomes, what is best option out there, based upon price, usability, platform, flexibility, and support. I can tell you that there are free versions that have some of these qualities; some have some of the features described, but you would be hard-pressed to find a more well-rounded and capability software title/app than CLZ Barry App.


The time savings and convenience are well the investment to have access to a barcode scanner that greatly expedites the process, significantly. Of note, as well, is the ability to be used on either Android or iOS device platforms.

The cost of this powerful, full-featured app is $7.99 USD, and well worth it as I have expressed. One of the great benefits of this app is that once purchased for the platform (barring any unforeseen changes to App Store policies/company pricing models) future updates will be free and potentially add more features as time goes by. A great deal for fewer than eight bucks!

Once key distinction that I have discovered in my usage of this fine product is that is works as bulk barcode scanner, storing the codes by category/class, which can process them to email, text file or direct input into software that will take text input. On top of this great option, there is support for all of the Collectorz suite of software for bulk add/cataloging.


(Example above is from Movie Collectorz Pro 9.5b Cobalt; you can enable this feature in various software, by going to the add Title – -Bulk Window).

One final area I want to discuss is the robust online manual and top-tier support for this great piece of technology for us collectors. You know the reputation that has for their Windows/Mac software support, and they do not flounder in this area for their apps, either. If you have any problem, they are more than willing to help you get the assistance you need, including fast email replies. I know how very happy I have been with the(ir support, and I know that between fabulous software, ease of use, and fine support, you will not go wrong; scanning all day until the cows come home, and your collection is tabulated. Until next time, keep media compiling. . . .

P.S. My wife and I’s heartfelt condolences to the Nimoy family on their great loss. Leonard gave us many happy hours on our TV and movie screens, and he will be so missed! He was always my wife’s favorite actor, and a close favorite of mine. No matter whether searching for Spock, foiling adversaries on Mission: Impossible, or being the villain on an episode of the TV mysteries series, Colombo; he always gave his best and made a definitive impression. Godspeed and second star to the right, until morning!

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