Bolide Movie Creator HD Review

In today’s market, finding the right video editor software that meets your needs and meets your price point is a little daunting. Many software titles that are available are poorly supported, under featured, and overpriced. The top contenders cost in the near $100.00+ USD price range, and have a steep learning curve. Finding something that non-technical people can operate, and do so effectively, for a fraction of the cost is a tall order. Fortunately, Bolide Software comes to the rescue, with Bolide Movie Creator HD. This is the perfect way to create a polished video presentation, instructional video, or a custom compilation of various clips for everybody. My wife (who is a professional artist) recently started to create instructional and promotional videos for her web-based business. She takes her artwork (in progress), and goes systematically as to how it is done, to help her audience better relate and understand her process. The avenue that she uses to broadcast her message is YouTube. Rendering the video in a quality standard that is legible, viewable on multiple devices, and such is a little hard to get right. With our internet connection, it takes all night to upload her files, as the video tools that she has been using do not make it easy for her to streamline her workflow to better get the file loaded in a balanced quality/file size for playback. She has been using some basic tools, including with our operating system, and I feel the end result could be better accomplished by higher quality tools. Recently, I discovered that one of my favorite independent software developers have gotten into this arena is Bolide Software ($39.95/Single-User License). As I alluded to earlier, their Movie Creator allows one to take their images, music, and elements that are needed for the production; places them in a window that can be adjusted readily.  You can then add transitions, framing devices (picture frames, billboards, device screens, etc.), and then watch a preview of the changes. Once you get things in order, you can set output settings to common video formats (480p, 720p, 1080p), and then render them for playback/upload purposes. Bolide_Movie_creator_sample_shot_01 Bolide_Movie_creator_sample_shot_02 Bolide_Movie_creator_sample_shot_03 I could go into more details, but you can check out my screenshots of some of my wife’s art stills (Note: The images of my wife’s work are FULLY COPYRIGHTED!!!, and used with her permission; All Rights Reserved) that I have used in my sample project. If you like what you see, check out Until next time, stay tuned.

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