Mailbird Pro In-Depth Review

Today, one the key things that people face is how to better organize themselves, their environment, and the proper flow of informational input. Nowadays, info comes into one’s home or place of business at a very rapid rate. Emails (personal and business) social network connections (Facebook, Twitter), document sharing (Evernote, Google Docs), contacts and appointments (Google calendar and address books), pour in throughout the day. It can be a jumbled mess! How can you tame the clutter, and deal with what you need to, easily? You could just try and do you tasks in web browser windows. One problem of this is that it is too cluttered and many times, advertising-laden. Also, if you are working on other internet-related projects, your web browser interface may be occupied for these other tasks; not suitable for switching back and forth. Secondly, you have to take in everything posted, digest the contents, and then sort out what you might need now, later, or not at all.  An example of this is a very full inbox in one’s email account. You open your inbox in the morning, and find twenty-five messages. Some you need for your tasks at hand, some are from co-workers, family, junk, and so forth. In a traditional email window, you have to look closely, so things end up in the right places (spam/junk in a Junk folder, business emails in your Business folders, family stuff in dedicated folders, etc.) .With a basic email web portal or client; this is time-consuming and lost productivity. The problem exacerbates itself, when you also have to sort your Facebook messages, posts, appointments, and shared documents. Now you must make judgment calls on what to tackle now, times how many interacting vertices of communication that you use. Should I send that email to Jose now, reply to Robert’s tag of me in his photo, or where did I place that budget proposal for next quarter for Cindy? Before you know it, you have lost thirty minutes on tasks that should have taken 5-10 minutes. I have found a solution that deals with all of the above, and so much more. That solution is Mailbird Pro.

Advance Search
Sample home-screen of Mailbird
Here you can edit/color-code your email account folders
Swipe Action
If you have messages that can wait, send them to snooze to read later
Choose layout from vertical to horizontal view
Multiple windows that allow you to flow between them, aids in keeping your communications timely, and well- organized.

Never heard of it, you say. Me neither; until recently! As my readers know, I entered the blogosphere last year, to advocate for games, software, and tools that make the lives of the disabled (and non-disabled) much better. Keeping up with a weekly blog, emails, my social connections, and contacts is a full plate for one man. I network with individuals, groups, and friends, and seem to have numerous logins, websites, and services that I have to check, multiple times, per day. I used to have to login to Facebook on my computer or tablet, and then use another app for email, one for my calendar, etc. (you get the idea!). I had to juggle that every day!!

I had tried more comprehensive organizer clients than their web counterparts (Outlook Express/Outlook, Windows Mail), but they never supported the social networking functions that are a big part of how I stay connected and/or share my message. I have even used other stand-alone email clients to check multiple inboxes, but with no social networking functions, and self-contained contacts and calendars, they did not meet the challenge, either. Well what of my found solution, you say. My answer is that Mailbird Pro allows you to make a easy to combine and labeled central inbox for all of your email accounts. Afterwards, you can color-code the folders for easier visibility, and rapid sorting. Secondly, you can integrate Facebook to run in a side panel, with your updates, posts or even new notes or allow it to take over the main windows, with a single click on the task bar (In the future, some of the other applets are planned to have a similar function; maybe even ). Thirdly, you can import and sort your contacts, cross-referenced with you internet mail service (Google’s Gmail for example) and their calendar, so you can stay on top of your appointments and meetings. Above and beyond these features, you can even add in news feeds from top technical websites that allow you to stay current with the ever-changing internet-connected world and its developments. These are just some of the things Mailbird can do that the competition does not do well, if at all.

This is just scratching the surface of what you can do with these and other settings and plug-ins from Mailbird partners. One thing to note here is that multiple modules that fit your needs are already to activate/install in Mailbird (including these tech websites), now, with more planned to be rolled out in the future. One of these modules that I see as a helpful thing to consider using is the, which helps you get off unneeded or unused email mailing lists that are clogging your inbox up with stuff you do not want. I know my wife, who does artwork has numerous contacts that flood her inbox, daily, with tips, tricks, marketing advice, etc. While handy, it is overwhelming and causes her to either not want to tame her inbox or lose WAY TOO MUCH time on separating the wheat from the chaff. We know all too well about information overload.

You may ask, “What will this cost me?” The straight answer is nothing, if you want basic services (limited email accounts, ads, and such). However, if you want an unlimited email accounts, ability to snooze emails,, upcoming paid-only features (wingman), and future development of the program, you can pay two ways. The first way is a yearly subscription of $6.00 USD (The cost of a fancy cup of coffee and Danish). The second way to pay is a lifetime license fee of $45.00 USD (a one-time payment). Let me be very clear: whether free or paid, they will support you in any way they can (email, forums, FAQ/knowledgebase, etc.)! Whatever best fits your budget, the cost is far exceeded by the value of the product. I know for me that the added productivity is worth the cost, plus knowing that the support that Mailbird receives will help them stick around and give us more reasons to celebrate this fine product. If you are interested in this great product, check out and tell them I sent you!

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