BolideSoft AllMyBooks 4.3 Review:

One constant that has remained with us, since the days of the Cradle of Civilization in Mesopotamia, is the recording of the written word. Whether impressed onto clay tablets to the Gutenberg Press, we have been recording our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and knowledge to preserve and share with others. Even with the advent of the “paperless society” promised to us by the new technological marvels, we still read/consume information in very similar ways, today.

With such a vast array of written knowledge, how to catalog/peruse their holdings becomes a paramount issue for many people. How best to do that is a varied question that has many possible answers. You can choose to use pen and paper (old school), an office suite program (MS-Access/Excel, LibreOffice Base), or a dedicated piece of software, for the task.

How do you choose with these options available to you? Do you consider the expense of the chosen solution? Costs play a role for what is chosen, but that is only one factor to consider. The feature set should be the most important? That, too, is a key thing to add to your list for what to consider. How about the convenience factor? The true answer is all of the above!

While you could pick from my prior list, my personal recommendation is a specialized piece of software that is cost-effective, easy to use, and fully featured. Of the titles that are out there, for my book cataloging, only one choice springs to mind, Bolide Software’s AllMyBooks.

Sample Bookshelf View with book media information

They have three levels of software that you can choose from: Single-License ($39.95/1-2 personal computers), Family ($59.95/1-6 computers in your family), and Business ($99.95/commercial & library usage).  Future upgrades to new major versions can be bought for a 50% price reduction (which is optional, and not subscription-based, like some competitors).

This fine piece of software is easy to install, via a simple installer that is bloat-free, contains no adware, and cleanly installs. Once installed, the software can first be tried for 30-Days, without payment, to see if the features work well for you. If you choose to, you can go ahead and purchase it, or go ahead and do the said trial.

Whatever you choose at the onset, the software starts up, and allows you to very easily look at a demo library to see how the program lays out things. Adding books (Hardback, Paperback, eBook, etc.) from a wizard popup menu is fast, easy, and allows you to get not only the vital statistics of the titles, but even cover images. Once added, you can see titles as a list, coverflow (a la iTunes) or even virtual bookshelves (stone metal, wood).

Add Wizard/Genre Tagging Window

I could go on, but to save your time (and mine), check out Bolide Software, and try AllMyBooks. While you are there, checkout their other fine software titles that might suit some of your other software needs.

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