A Nifty Tip for DMR Members

Just a quick tip for my readers, who are either members of Disney Movie Rewards or are considering becoming members. If you register your discs (DVD, Blu-ray), via Magic Code on the website (even being able to register your discs, if the code is missing) you can have a little insurance coverage on those titles. Disney allows you to replace scratched/lost discs for a fraction of the MSRP, if you prove proof of ownership. The cost is under ten dollars and well worth taking the time to register, above the other benefits that come with said action.

This is something that many entertainment companies do not offer, and really a nice gesture for families (especially those with children that might damage physical discs). The importance of this is of course, growing, as Disney has acquired numerous other companies/brands in the last decade. You can now replace not only Disney films and shorts, but Marvel, and soon Star Wars and Indiana Jones titles as well. A great expansion that I hope moves on other companies to follow suit.

That is all I have for this week, as my newsfeed has been a little slow, but stay your fear, as I should have more things to share very soon. Until then, Hakuma Atada ( No Worries) my friends. . .

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