iMobie PhoneClean In-Depth Review

In an Internet-connected, smartdevice-centric world, people seem to easily forget the byproducts of constant web searches, app caches, orphaned files. Every site we visit every file we download, every media file we stream, we accumulate gunk that slows down our devices and Internet speeds, accordingly. After a while, those leftover files eat away at our storage capacity; limiting our ability to store what we want to retain.

Until recently, a person could not have much control over this issue, until today. The industry-leading smartdevice software company, iMobie, has released the defining application, PhoneClean. With this fine product, you can clean the temporary Internet files, history, app caches, redundant junk files, web-mail residual boxes, shrink app display images, and corrupted media sync libraries, as well as smart backups and restores. Each of the features allows you to have peace of mind, that your security and privacy are well protected and shielded from prying eyes.


I have personally experience of having a large accumulation of clutter files on my smartdevice that caused havoc, which has made it very hard to do iOS upgrades and app updates. Being disabled, I cannot afford the newest device, the most storage space, best graphics, etc. So, when I have to do get the newest iOS versions for bug fixes, I need it to work and not fail/corrupt my data, nor require me to delete everything off my phone for the upgrade. Until recently, every time I went to try and do the free upgrades, I would always be out of space. I would be forced to go through removing apps, media files, and photos, but still come up short. It was not until I found this fine product that I found out that my iPhone was stuffed full of temp files and other junk that was consuming the space that was needed by the OS. Only after I had removed these files did the upgrade work, in addition, I had a conservative 20% speed boost, over the prior attempts. This feature is well worth the price, alone.


While I keep the active web-mail/e-mail accounts on my iDevices in check, I can see the benefits of having a tool that allows you to clean up the leftover files, messages, and attachments from various, inactive mailboxes. I know that my wife has had e-mail boxes that she infrequently uses or has abandoned, over the years. That being said, iMobie’s PhoneClean works stupendously on issue, with their easy-to-use wizard and clear instructions. Once this tool has worked its magic, your electronic communications will flow that much more, smoothly.


I currently own an iPhone 4, and an iPad (1st. Gen), as I alluded to earlier, so I cannot use the Retina graphics that many current apps and wallpapers provide. As you probably know, such HD images require large amounts of storage. Again, PhoneClean comes through for its users in this area. Since many Retina apps also have lower-resolution versions of their images, PhoneClean can eradicate the duplicates, allowing the images that you device can display to remain, while axing the non-usable versions to save space.  Having these removed has saved me critical space on my smaller storage devices. Saving space is a critical function of the PhoneClean suite, but security is a paramount concern.


In today’s age of identity theft and internet-connected snooping, being able to securely erase SMS messages, iMessage, MMS, and attachments (photos, memes, audio, video), is a vital part of keeping your private thoughts, private. I know that when I share a message, emoji, text, photo, or A/V files with my family, I do not want that falling into the wrong hands. Beyond potential embarrassment and awkwardness, having someone know our whereabouts, patterns, routines, and digital footprint, poses an increased risk of theft (identity or direct; e.g. mugging), stalking (following or harassment/bullying), and injury (assault or death).  Being disabled, means that my electronic communications could contain medical or legal data, more so than the general populace, so I have to know that when it is transmitted or no longer needed, it is truly gone. Thankfully, PhoneClean’s tools have you covered, as they securely delete all of the aforementioned data, but also clean out unwanted and duplicate contacts, calendar reminders, and notes. I know that when I am done with these private data types, they will be gone from my device, because of PhoneClean, for good. That gives a peace of mind, which does not come with many of iMobie’s competitors.


Having a piece of software to remove the old, dragging down data is all well and good, but what if you accidentally remove the wrong things. No worries, as PhoneClean has excellent Backup and Restore tools to undo the damage. With it’s simple to use design; you can backup and restore the contents of your device, quickly and easily. On top of that, when you select the deep cleaning tools, it will perform an automatic backup, to ensure that your device will work, even if the cleaning process fails or corrupts. No matter what, you will be covered with PhoneClean.


As you can see, iMobie’s PhoneClean is a jewel among iDevice companion software. Many such programs are costly, hard to manage, and require a greater, than average technical skill to operate safely. This is not the case, with PhoneClean, as it is reasonable in cost (Subscription -$19.99 – 1PC/1 yr., Personal License – $39.99 1PC/Lifetime, Family – $59.99-Household PC/MAC – Lifetime; right now 40% off sale for Halloween, check website for details), clean interface with nice graphics, and plain language (not tons of technical jargon). Download and try out the demo, and you will see why iMobie has such a solid reputation and excellent customer support. If you like what you see (and I know you will), tell them I sent you! After all, the scariest thing this Autumn season, is not taking advantage of programs that help you manage your data, security, and universal access, on your iDevice. Until next time, BOO

-All images courtesy of iMobie©, All Rights Reserved

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