iMobie AnyTrans In-Depth Review:

You may remember some months back, I did a review of iMobie’s PhoneClean. This fine product/tool you recall allowed you to sanitize/clean the junk files and leftover temp files stored on your device, eating up valuable space. While this fine tool does this in a fantastical fashion, the day-to-day management of your media files and apps has fallen to iTunes for both MAC and PC for years. Now iMobie has risen to this challenge, giving us a viable alternative that allows you to manage, transfer, upload/download files/apps in a simple, clean interface. Being able to have a drag-in-drop ability to import, export, add and subtract the various files that your iDevice can use. I know that being tethered to iTunes, with its ups and downs over the years has been bittersweet to say the least. Having a viable alternative to Apple’s flagship software suite is a breath of fresh air. Having familiarity with iMobie’s other great offerings allows people to jump into a refined GUI interface that is clean and very easy to systematically operate.


Once the program is downloaded and installed, just fire up the software and you can begin the trial period, with its limitations, (but I feel confident that you will spring for the full program package, once you know the features/price point) and connect your iDevice(s) to start your untethering from iTunes. Keep in mind, the purchase price includes lifetime updates, and a two-tiered pricing model, which allows you to use the software on one PC (Single-User License – $39.99 – Sale Price) and the Family Edition ($59.99 – Sale Price). The price is going to increase to $59.99 and $99.99, respectfully on January 24, 2016. Either way, I know that you will have gotten your money’s worth.


Phone Merge

Once your device is connected/accessible, you are presented with a GUI menu that has a couple of tabs. You can choose between your iTunes library and your iDevice(s), and get an overview of what is in your library and what has or has not been transferred. Having this information is the basis of how to manipulate/manage the media files that are on your iDevices, your computer, and between iDevices, in a bi-directional fashion. A nice feature of this software is the ability to utilize multi-thread CPU’s to expedite this process and management of the various file type and apps, compared to iTunes (which seems to chug and drag, when you have a lot of files to update, sync, and transfer between devices).


On the device tab, you are presented with some nice 1-click options that can streamline common tasks. You have the option of rebuilding/importing your media files from your iDevice into iTunes Media Library. This is especially nice, if your library has damaged or missing files, playlists, and ratings. A second option is to transfer the contents of your iDevice to your PC, for backup purposes and then make an archive of those files onto other HDDs or portable devices. Thirdly, you can move your files from one device to another, for the purpose of upgrades, sharing or migrating to a new device. Next, you can clone your device (1-to-1 copy) that allows you to get back up in running; a key option, if you have a hardware failure. You also can merge two devices into one, cohesive whole (so that you can have a unified media library on one device). This can take place, without erasing the files on the target device. Lastly, you can add files to your device, bypassing iTunes Media Library and the files already in on the device.



Phone Merge

As someone, who has never messed with playlists, being able to make, transfer, edit, and delete them seems intriguing in AnyTrans. I have always made sure that metadata inside each file is accurate (artist, album, and year, title, genre, artwork, etc.), so when I import files into iTunes, everything cross-checks and cross-references, copasetic. Usually, I just play my music, podcasts, and movies (to some extent), based solely on this metadata. However, my wife does use playlists, frequently. Being able to do this for her, between our devices will be a godsend. After you connect your device into AnyTrans, go to the Audio Button, click it, and soon you will shown a Playlist button, which will show you a divided window with the lists on the right, and songs on the left. It is very easy to comprehend, and follow if you use this option in iTunes.


Another key feature of this fine suite of products is the ability to transcode your media. As I have highlighted in times past, native file formats that play on your iDevice are not as prevalent as those used on the web or desktop arenas. I know that my computer, over the years has used MPEG formats, then WMA, and now AAC for my audio. I have used VCD, SVCD, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MOV, and now MP4 for video. While I have the utilities needed to make the files work on my iDevice, natively, being able to add files, with AnyTrans, without needing a conversion is a breath of fresh air. I know that trying to sync large media files, even through a dedicated cable interface (in place of wireless) is a headache.


I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to sync my media files, through iTunes, only to have files come up missing or orphaned. I have an older iPad (1st. Gen) and an iPhone 4, with older iOS versions, and keeping them current with my updated files flunks out frequently. Now having an alternative way to add and manage my files and apps will be a saving grace. This software’s strongest function falls solidly into this category, and it is the number one to buy this software, in this reviewer’s opinion.

I could go on and on about how this software will vastly improve you iDevice life, but the software speaks for itself. With the fine developer, iMobie at the helm, and the stellar reputation precedent set forth by their PhoneClean program, you know that you will not go wrong. You can purchase a Personal License for $59.99 USD or a $99.99 Family License that can used on all of you PC’s. As always, they have lifetime priority support and updates/upgrades for this program. Check out this fine offering from iMobie, and you will agree that this is a great addition to you fine library.

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