Ashampoo Burning Studio 16 Review

You, my avid readers, know that I am still in full support of disc media, particularly high-capacity and archive formats. The newer players, such as Ultra 4K Blu-ray for HDR video, and the new storage archive format, M-DISC, hold many promises for high quality and long-term preservation. While the ability to create the super high-capacity, 4K video discs is a ways off, the routine of making HQ DVD and BD-R discs still requires top-tier creation and production software.  In answering this call, the fine folks at Ashampoo have taken the best of the field, and created the best, feature-rich disc burning suite on the market, today.


In the last twenty years, burning software had come and gone, with formats, audio tools, and disc structures, moving in and out of vogue. Learning from the ups and downs of these changes, and bringing their own innovation into the mix, Ashampoo’s Burning Studio 16 icon_burning_studio_16_256x256takes their policy of intuitive GUI development, and their sense of features their customer’s deserve; publishing the new standard of disc creation to be beat. They have incorporated the ability to create multi-volume disc archives, without fear of corrupted backups, discs that support AutoStart menus (as seen on commercial pressed discs, put out by major publishers), and the ability to import and embed subtitles and themes for your video disc projects, among others. These are just a few of the tools in the toolbox, with many, more at easy reach.logo_w10_comp_blue

I am the first to concede that freeware burning software can be found on the web, and many of these programs I have used. However, they have always felt lacking in tools, which would allow me the nuanced and customized projects that I have always wanted to make. Fortunately, I discovered Burning Studio 16, and I have not looked back. In discovering the ability to pull metadata tags for my audio files, so I can include this polished feature, along with sound normalization, makes making custom mixes for friends and family; excellent for gift giving. I also love the ability to create slideshow discs, which my wife can use to share her artwork and projects, in both promoting her work, and bringing awareness for children’s illustration. These, are just two slivers of the numerous features that this suite contains.

scr_ashampoo_burning_studio_16_welcomebox_ashampoo_burning_studio_16_110x110If you do not have such a narrow-focused outlook, you will find that Ashampoo has you covered. For the bulk of my disabled audience, you will find that their burning software will make solid, reliable discs. If you have come to embrace the clean UI, present in Canonical Ubuntu, Microsoft Windows 8/8.1/1, and Apple Mac OS X, the ability jump right in making your discs will come very naturally. You are presented with a clean window, which has categories/tools on the left, with sub-category pop-ups on the right. Each option is very easy to comprehend, follow systematically, and implement without hassle. As someone, who has severe arthritis, being able to make discs with minimal steps, via Burning Studio 16, makes the whole process worthwhile.scr_ashampoo_burning_studio_16_presentation_skin


I could bombard you with the bursting at the seams feature sets, but I will cut to the chase. Right now, you can purchase Burning Studio 16 for $59.99 USD. If you are already an Ashampoo customer, the cost is $29.99 USD. If you have owned a prior version, the upgrade is $17.99 USD. If you are still unsure if you need the full suite features, they have a free version, which will give you a taste of what the program can do for you. Of note, within the next day, they have a software bundle, that includes several pieces of software (Burning Studio 16 is not included, but it is a good value of other tools), for $31.99 USD. Check out their homepage, and you might want to jump on this sale. No matter what you choose on this time-limited deal, I know that you want to get Burning Studio 16 for all of your disc creation projects, going forward. Until next time, stay warm/stay dry. . .

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