Save2PC Review

Consumption of media has dramatically changed, in the last twenty years. We have gone from watching television on cable, antenna or satellite, to watching a cacophony of genres, including music videos, television programs, to the latest movies released, online. The bulk of media consumed is found through streaming of content on the Internet, from sites like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and the major networks, plus social media shares. While having these channels ready for us, whenever we want to watch (some with subscriptions), and the downside is that we need to be actively connected to the web. Many people do not have high-speed internet access or sizable data plans for mobile devices, so always only being able to stream is not very viable. This problem has been weighed over the years, and some less than great solutions have been proposed and tried. Some of these have been by using a website downloader link/conversion URL, with middling results.


Today, a new player that is rising in the field is from FDRLab, called Save2PC, which comes in multiple versions. This program allows you save streamed audio/video programs to your computer, so you can play it back locally. You can simply copy the link to the stream in the program window, and begin to download the file to your system storage. You can save the downloaded file in a number of formats (.flv, .avi, .mpeg, .mov, .mp4, etc.), dependent on the program version, and the original file format that was posted or uploaded to the site. One thing that I want to stress to my readership (yet again) is the “time-shifting” of recording, copyrighted materials is only permitted/dependent on the region of the world, in which you reside, and within the Terms of Service of the sites you may use. This “time-shifted” recording is very narrowly defined, under the very murky “grey” area of fair use/fair dealings, so use it at your own risk.

Now that we have that out of the way, if where you live, you can do this, legally; this will allow you to take these media files with you, wherever you go. I can image that if you want to watch a game play video or movie trailer, on your portable media device, you can download it, and then show your friends. Now you can watch your web-based media files, without the need for an internet connection. I can see that this does, indeed, open up the possibilities for you media, untethered from the web.


I feel that being able to dub/record off streaming services might grow, as the distribution of media moves more way from physical media, as the years go by. The biggest question is that will these outlets integrate these saving/recording features or will they leave this open to other software providers, such as FDRLab and their Save2PC program? As these shaking questions remain to be answered, you can turn to Save2PC to cover your needs.

You may be asking, which version is right for me? The answer lies in which formats you need for saving/recording files, and which sites you may want to download from. They have a comparison chart, which highlights the difference between each version. Also, the max quality recording settings can be affected by the version you purchase. The pricing tiers are as follows: Standard – $29.99 USD, Professional -$39.99 USD, and Ultimate – $49.99 USD. If you want the maximum features and widest format support, I recommend the Ultimate version. If you elect the lower tiers, you can upgrade to the higher versions, for additional fees. Currently, the upgrade costs are an additional fourteen dollars, per level (Standard to Professional+$14.00 USD, then Professional to Ultimate+$14.00 USD, additionally). As anything, these prices are apt to change, so I would upgrade before they go up. Whatever you choose, I know that you will like this nice, little program. Give this a whirl, via the Save2PC Light version, which functions as a limited-feature trial, and I am sure that you will like what you see. See you next time . . .

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