MovieManager 3.3 Pro Review

Anyone who reads my blog, with any regularity, will know of my fever pitch love of cinema. I have an extensive collection of movies and television series (many which I inherited from my late parents), and I need to keep accurate count of what I own. I have tried several products, and I am always trying to find alternatives (for you, my readership), which gives you more choices to pick from the field.


Recently, I discovered a new player in the film catalog software front, coming from RockSolidSoftware, titled simply, MovieManager Pro. This program allows you to cross-link your movies/discs, by several categories, including movie, series, episode, and parent-child, etc. These breakdowns allow you to not only add films, by these criteria, but you can also see which actors appear in each entertainment product in your collection. The menu structure is very reminiscent of a standard Microsoft Windows Visual Basic window, so it usage is very intuitive to any user, so you can jump in, and start logging your films, right away.


As someone, who has a sizable collection, I have always has difficulty in tracking my television series episodes, across discs, box-sets, and digital video files. In other catalog software, I have to add each individual season, rather than an umbrella listing, that nests each season underneath the main listing. In having to do this multi-listing, rather than a single entry, it creates excessive entries that can balloon the database size. Large drive sizes make this a moot point, but it does slow down the indexing/searching of your collection.


If you do not like to manually add the entry details, you can just place the title (and season, if applicable), and download the details, via the IMDB website or from one of their referrer code. This is vastly quicker than to have to manually type out the details and summaries for yourself. If you cannot find the info for a title from mainstream sources, being able like more eccentric titles (maybe out-of-print, obscure documentaries), finding a website that lays out the particulars, and can be parsed into the database software is a sweet time-saver. Many of a time I have had to create artwork, and sorting details, manually, and found myself frustrated and tired, so knowing that MovieManager Pro can take over the task is a breath of fresh air.


If you have movie/video files stored on your hard drive, you can save/import those files into the software, and create a collection database, with playback capability. I have quite a few digital movies and TV show episodes on my computer, and not having to track down the discs they came on for the particulars, nor their artwork, is very nice. I want to keep track of my digital films and shows, in addition to my physical copies in one database, so I can have an at a glance look of my entire holdings. That way I do not double down, needlessly, on my purchases, and can spread my limited dollars in my media purchases. This is a feature that will only grow, as things move more into the digital realm; as such a feature that you will want to have available to you, too.


I could drone on as to why you want to get the full version of MovieManager Pro, but you will be very hard pressed to find a better program that does all of this for $9.95 USD. At this juncture, the Pro version includes lifetime updates for this price, so I would take advantage of this now, lest it changes later. Also your purchase of this software will give your priority support, with prompt follow-ups, via e-mail. I can attest to the fact that I have had some technical problems, and they have gotten back with me, ASAP. Try out the MovieManager Pro program, and I know that you will add this tool to your media collection management tool-set. Talk to you soon . . .

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