InComedia WebAnimator GO In-Depth Review

You may recall a while back that I reviewed a web creation program/suite from Incomedia, called WebSite X5 V.12. Now those same fine folks have created a companion software program, called WebAnimator Go. This version is designed for basic-to-intermediate animation projects that are very systematic and easy to comprehend for the bulk of the general populace, which wants to add some pizzazz and eye-catching elements to their websites.  Fret not; if you need more advanced features and toolsets than provided in this program, they have fuller-featured versions, simply titled WebAnimator/WebAnimator Plus. No matter which version you might need, this is an excellent program you will need for animation and slideshows that is warranted by the interconnected world of the Internet, today.


You may be asking yourself, what about WebAnimator GO would make me choose to add this program to my toolbox, over its competitors. First off, this program allows you to import images from almost any format you can think of (.jpg, png, gif, .tiff, etc.), without the need to convert to a specific format, beforehand. As someone, who has had to change my original image to a more usable format for a slideshow/animation, saving a step/generation is a nice change and time-saver.

Secondly, having pre-built, included templates that are ready to use from the get-go, allows you to get a jump-start on your animation, by having a framework to place your images, texts, and overlays into, so you can preview/compile what your final product will be, and then create it, succinctly. This has an added benefit of not having to make a template before you start your work of not having to make a set of templates means that you can start on your work. This difference can be likened to having pre-cut lumber, versus having to fell trees, process the wood, and turn it into lumber before you can build the structure that you have planned out.

Thirdly, once you have your animation finalized, it will save, create, and embed HTML5 code into your object/element, so you can just drop it in the webpage/presentation. As someone who does not have any experience in coding, nor really interest in learning to do so, having a GUI solution that allows me make a viable code snippet is a nice addition. I know that my wife has had to develop websites for construction companies that build custom homes and structures. Many times she has had to create a slideshow that cycle through the images of the various stages of construction. When Flash vulnerabilities began to rear their ugly head, and HTML 5 started to replace that plugin for moving image management, it was an uphill task to try and encode the show in a combination of CSS and PHP. I can only image how much time would have been saved with this tool-set.


Nor unlike their flagship program, WebSite X5, you just go, step-by-step, with simple to comprehend prompts and dialog boxes. Each step just asks you for what you need nothing more, nothing less, so you always just have enough information to process in your mind and in the program. One key step that you will pay a little more attention to is the animation images/frames that you intend to use for the project. This is not due to an overly complex step, brought on by the program, but rather by the linear nature of animation (first image, second image, third image, etc.; either top to bottom or left to right). You need to place the images on the order that you intend them to be shown.


If you are not in the place for needing to make a slideshow and/or a presentation, this makes a fine tool for animation and short films, which could be distributed, via the web. I have always enjoyed animation, VFX, and other CGI elements in film and games, but I never had the formal training, nor very much seat-time with software capable of making these (3D Studio MAX, Alias, AfterEffects, etc.) files. However, having a program, such a WebAnimator GO, gives me the option to make flip drawings and minimal, limited animation comic strips as a real possibility. I will not promise to actually make these and share them with you, my readers, but the option is there.

WebAnimator Family

No matter your skill level or potential needs, Incomedia, and their animation software programs have you covered. The cost-effectiveness of WebAnimator GO, WebAnimator, or WebAnimator Plus, makes the value proposition a highly-sought after option for professionals, intermediates, and rank amateurs, alike. The prices for each reflect the various functions and features. If, you are like me, the GO version is all that you will need to get started, with one Template collection, and basic animation functions that writes the code for you. The cost for this is $24.99 USD, and well worth the money. If you need more Template collections (4 or more) and the need to embed audio/video files inside of your animations, I would recommend either the WebAnimator or WebAnimator Plus editions.  The features, sans the media embedded version, is the WebAnimator, and cost $59.95 USD. The top-of-the-line, WebAnimator Plus runs you $89.95 USD, and has the media embed function built-in. Each of these versions can be upgraded, with a customer discount, many times reflective of the differences between cost tiers.


In my interfacing with Incomedia’s Customer Service, I want to reassure you that they have your best interest in mind, and will do whatever it takes to make sure of your satisfaction. In short, they stand behind what they sell, and works to not only provide you with great products, but beneficial partnerships with ISP’s and DNS/hosting companies, to maximize your savings for web-based commerce. I know that if you have had dealings with them before, or have yet to purchase something, you will enjoy your transactions, going forward, with them, no doubt. Try this animation family of programs, and you will always want to use them for your projects. Tel them I sent you, and until next time, keep on techin’!

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