Ashampoo Snap 10 Showcase Review


Nearly a year ago, I brought to your attention a preeminent screen capture software utility by the fine folks at Ashampoo, called Snap 9. Flash forward to now, and they have done it again, with the new 2017 flagship version, entitled Snap 10.  This program is still filled with all of the features that you loved from before, coupled with marked improvements, and newfound features in abundance to have at your disposal. If you need to grab images from your screen, this is a program to meet that challenge head-on.

While I will not rehash what I highlighted before (as you can reference my prior article on this site), I want to take this opportunity to showcase some of the newest features, which might resonate with you, my faithful readers. As a disabled individual, being able to utilize newer capture features that Snap 10 has can help me share my focal point to audience, so too will you be able to use the following features for your specialized communication. Now, without, further ado, let’s dive into the features.


Something that might not be readily apparent at first blush is my adoring, avid love for video gaming on all fronts (PC, console, handheld, mobile, etc.). While I have yet to take the plunge into running a video gaming dedicated site and/or streaming channel, via or YouTube, now having the ability to incorporate my business screen capture utility in Snap 10, into that purpose has great potential. As most, 21st. Century games require 3D rendering and modeling; having a game streaming client that can capture that level of detail on-the-fly, and do so without causing vast slowdowns and lag is vital to both the presentation and as an enjoyable experience.


While entrants into the marketplace have been released, most rely on dedicated hardware and inline cabling to achieve this goal. Now, the people at Ashampoo have come out with a business and educational software tool that can shoulder this goal; all while not requiring added hardware or peripherals. To top it all off, it can do this as a full-screen running game is in progress. I can foresee doing this, if the streaming bug bites me.

While I have mentioned video editor software in my time doing this blog, I can tell you that if you have ever wanted to have your wish to have video editor and capture software in one piece of software, it has been granted with Snap 10. I have yet to create a systematic tutorial video or course, my wife is considering using something like this for her artwork courses. I am sure, based upon my time with this program feature, she will not be disappointed, and neither will you. You can edit videos make cuts, create episodes, and watermark/brand your content, plus many other elemental changes, at your fingertips; bottom line, a powerful editorial video suite that saves you time and money, while serving the aforementioned services. x24ab8

If you ever need to have your image captures placed on the web or up in the cloud, Snap 10 can now allow you to tag/embed the URL in the images, so when they are e-mailed (via Outlook), they will retain that information, so it can be traced back to the source site/location. This is a valuable option, as it can both deter image appropriation (people swiping your images without your permission and/or compensation) and also allows you more easily retrace your steps to where you got/created your images and when they were generated. I may yet start to use this tool, in how I go forward doing screen captures for my blog, so I can more quickly reference them in my efforts.

ra5a35These are but a few of the new features on offer here, but what I want to leave you with is this; everything you love with Snap 9, with numerous improvements, refinements, and additions, now called Snap 10. If you adore Ashampoo products, you will like this as it continues their fine tradition. As always, keep on techin’ . . .

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