iClever BoostSound Wireless Speaker Review

In this world of wireless speakers and Bluetooth devices, it is hard to stand out from the crowd. The experts at iClever have produced a fine example of a device that exceeds the tenents of what it takes to stand out. The device, in question, is iClever’s BoostSound Wireless Speaker. Once you hear this for yourselves, you will see what I mean.

Front Facing

This device has a playback life of 10 hrs. approximately (varies on usage, battery health/life, and charge level). With a speaker device that has 20W of power will give you a strong bass performance, in conjunction with mid-range and high performance that makes speech clear and music sing; the BoostSound is top of the class. Such a long battery life will make this great for not only listening to the aforementioned sound types, but it doubles as a great speakerphone, with A2DP support for clear conservations and long duration communications.

Control Button Array

This device not only has sonic playback capabilities but has a blue nightlight. It has three, different light levels for various settings, including sleeping, by being placed near your nightstand to safely see how to check your alarm, ingest food and drink something, or getting up to go somewhere without having to turn on the main lights. This is important, as it will not easily disrupt your sleep cycle. A great bonus for valuable real estate on your desk/nightstand.

You may wonder what this device will run you. The answer is the MSRP of $49.99 USD. This is mainly sold through Amazon’s website for this list price. but it can sometimes be found on sale for less. I know that you will very pleased with your purchase, and it makes a great gift. I know that I will have a one of these under my Christmas Tree for a family member, and I am sure that you will want one, too. Until next time, keep on techin’. . .

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