Bolide Movie Creator HD 4.0 Showcase

A while back, I wrote about how a program from the fine folks at Bolide Software had introduced a fine, quality video editor/creator for easy use. They have continued to iterate since that initial review, and they have brought great improvements, and have yet kept the cost quite reasonable. The name of this great piece of technology is Bolide Movie Creator 4.0.

There are many changes that have come to the program. One I like is the ability to convert a video file to an audio file. This would be a great boon to an individual or indie podcaster, that makes/records the podcast episode in video form, and needs to transcode the show to audio for content delivery network (CDN) podcast catchers. I have debated making video reviews or even podcasting down the line, so this would be a great aid in this regard.

Initial Open Window With Timeline 
Effects Window

It has some overhauling of the Effects system, as you can now modify the Start/End of certain Fade transitions. You can now make changes with right-click of the mouse, instead of relying on the keyboard commands alone. The changes are fairly extensive and are varying in their degree differences to prior versions. If you are interested in the full list, check this list here.

Transitions Window

The great thing that is happening at Bolide Software is that they are running a Valentine’s Day Special. You can get this program or one of their others for 30% off. That is off the regular price of $39.95 USD. Either on sale or not, this is a great value, as their competitors run in the near one hundred dollar range (USD). You can purchase it directly from them at this storefront. Until next time, keep on techin’ . . .

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