Ashampoo Video Fisheye Removal Highlight

Splash Screen

A person can see that more and more individuals are documenting their lives on film. In days gone by, people maybe would take slides of their vacation to a national park, film the family reunion on 8mm film stock, record their children’s first birthday on VHS or their grandkid’s school graduation on DVD. However, today, people take digital video files on smartphones, tablets, camcorders, DSLR’s, action cameras, and even mirrorless cameras. With so many cameras, lenses, f-stops, and gyroscopes that can be placed into cameras, getting consistent results can be elusive. The solution can be found in the digital darkroom toolset that is Ashampoo Video Fisheye Removal.

Main Window

If you have any passing experience and training with any photo editing software, you will be familiar with most editing tools. The distinction with this program is that has built-in presets for many camera and lens models. This is key, as it can accurately correct for any anomalies and defects inherent in many designs. This can be a technical source of fisheye, outside of operator error and less than ideal conditions. This is exceptionally nice, as doing this with a moving image is several magnitudes more difficult than a static, non-moving one.


If you give this a try, and integrate this with all of your awesome video content. Seeing the fruits of your labor, you will agree that the $39.99 USD is worth the price. Untit next time, kepp on techin’ . . .

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