Ashampoo Video Stabilization Showcase

Similar to my last post, our videos are recorded on various devices and setups. In addition to other artifacts that can occur in video footage, unstable images seem to be highly common. These types of images can cause headaches, blurring, motion sickness, and basically unusable footage. In times past, the video files that suffered this fate have had to been discarded. Now, Ashampoo has come to the rescue, and created the product Video Stabilization Showcase.

Sample Edit

This great piece of software will make your images seem as they were filmed on a dolly or stabilized rig. It creates a grid overlay and allows you to tweak the aspect ratio, set the focal point, and modifying it by frame/timestamp. This will take your video files that were shot impromptu or without the ability to create professional type setups with rigs, a cinematographer and high-end lighting, and make them look as they are sizzle reels from the latest cinemaplex, instead of your last home movies shot at the county fair. I want to stress that this will not correct very shaky video or badly composed shots, but it can help a great deal.

Video Stabilizer

I know that I usually only have my phone on me when I want to take an image, either video or a still image. Seeing my results leave something to be desired. I know that I will use this when I need to clean up my on-location video recording. Currently, this program sells for $39.99 USD, but it can be had on sale for $21.00 USD. Until next time, keep on techin’ . . .

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