Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019 Showcase

Splash Screen

A few years back, I mentioned to you, my faithful readers that Ashampoo, makes an excellent system tuning suite, called WinOptimizer. Flash forward to today, and they have not only improved and iterated on the program, but they have also moved it to become freeware. The current version is called WinOptimizer 2019.

It has many features and security features, but I will highlight a couple of them, that deserve acknowledgment. The first one I want to highlight is safety-focused. In today’s increasingly interconnected world, with data breaches becoming commonplace, file security is paramount. This fine product accomplishes this, via a two-fold strategy. The first is the disabling of the Windows 10 telemetry callback feature. In case you are unfamiliar with this, the operating system calls home, and check in. If you are uncomfortable with this, as you are concerned about what is being reported, this will turn this off, and keep your activities more private. Secondly, it encrypts your local files, with a strong password-protected layer. That way, if you can be eavesdropped on by third parties or attempted hackers, they will have a difficult time reading your files and sensitive information. Other programs can do this, but many are not this full-featured and some even cost money.

These are but two helpful options that this program can offer you. If you want more proof or more details, check out the homepage, and see for yourself. I know that if you have ever used any program from Ashampoo or a prior version of this program, I know you will want to update and start using this immediately. As always, keep on techin’ . . .

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