Ashampoo ActionCam Software Showcase

A few weeks ago, I brought to you a sequence of Ashampoo photo/video utilities that work in tandem to make your own created content go from amateur to professional. The next piece in their arsenal for your utilization is Ashampoo ActionCam. This tool is designed for video feeds captured by an active camera or drone.

Box Art

Being able to capture action as it happens is a great development and a benefit of these new action cameras and aerial drones that are available to the consumer in the 21st Century. However, the raw footage that comes out is usually jerky, nausea-inducing, and many times, color-shifted from the actual scenery captured. The baseline tools that you can find on the market, before now to address these issues was costly, ungainly, complex, and hard to grok by almost everyone, outside of video editor professionals. Thankfully, Ashampoo has come through with this tool/plugin to their video editing suite to the rescue.

Splash Page

The algorithms present in this software can take key frames to help determine the natural, stable motion path, and make comfortable viewable videos for travel footage, sporting events, and adventuring. To make sure that the process goes smoothly, the software support presets for many camera models, including the GoPro line. That way, you can tell the software what specs you have in your camera to match move the edits and changes to the footage, and not get wonky results.

Dialog Screen

An area of camera tricks and interest in the photography world is tilt-shifting. The basic premise is to take real-life video of an actual location or person, and make it appear is though it is a model or artificial stand-in. I have never practiced this myself, but the concept intrigues me. If you are wanting to try this feature, the Ashampoo ActionCam has native support for this camera trick, and give it a shot. Maybe take your drone footage over Glacier National Park and turn it into a scale model that might be footage for some model railroad layouts. Something to consider, that is for certain.

These are just a couple of the great features that you can use in this program. plus their other video editing programs. In fact, for St. Patrick’s Day, they are running a sale for $20.00 USD instead of the regular price of $49.99 USD. It great price, getting this software for 50% off.

I hope you know the quality that Ashampoo has on offer, as I have discussed them for several years. Either way, give them a try and I know you will not be disappointed. As always, Happy St. Patty’s Day, and keep on techin’ . . .

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