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Software Showcase: ASComp Synchredible 5.101

Software Showcase: ASComp Synchredible 5.101

The age of backups and the online hacks is upon us, and as a result, making incremental backups and file syncing has taken on a renewed importance. As I have stated prior, a backup is when you make two copies, outside of the working copy, and place them in, two different areas for redundancy. If you just make a single backup copy, it is an archival copy, but not truly backed up, as you do not have a safety net, as the primary copy can fail/become corrupted. If that happens, and the original fails, you are out of luck. Keeping track of the copies and their various locations can be hassle, if you rely on manual methods, human error can occur, and things left in the lurch the result. A better approach is to utilize an automatic method, so all copies and their corresponding updates are kept current. The marketplace is crowded, but a fine, simplified, yet feature-packed program to handle heralds from ASComp Software, called Synchcredible 5.101.


The program has a very standardized GUI, reminiscent of most Win32/Winx64 programs, with a simple button/menu system that is easy to use/operate. A systematic wizard that walks you through the process, with various settings that can be toggled, greets you as you enter the program. You create a task, and name it, without much hassle and the processes are very intuitive. I have a master backup drive, which is an external USB hard drive that has a 4TB capacity. You can elect to have your file/folder syncing to be automated and run on a schedule, without needing to activate it manually. k9hpghFor someone like me, who has my computer function as a gaming rig, blog hub, office machine, and so many more roles, I run this task as a manual process. It is easy adding tasks and running these processes, without complication, and error. It could not be much easier. In fact, the process is quicker, smoother, and less intensive on computer resources, than just using the file copy and paste functions built into the operating system. This program can tell you what has changed, what will be created and/or placed on the destination drive, before any files are synced. This can tell you what will be needed in space and file structure, prior to confirming the action.5eetyp

The very fair starting price point of $25.00 USD is a nice value for a program such as this, and well worth the cost. Not unlike my, other German software firms, they stand by what they sell/create, and their attention to customer’s needs. I know that if you try this program out, along with the other programs on tap there, you will be pleased. Until next time, keep on techin’ . . .

Ashampoo Burning Studio 18 In-Depth Review:

Ashampoo Burning Studio 18 In-Depth Review:

You may recall that I reviewed the flagship burning suite from Ashampoo, called Burning Suite 16, not too long ago. Now they have released the updated replacement, entitled Burning Studio 18, and it is packed with nice features and improved functions. Everything that you loved from the prior entry is here, only better, and easier to use. Now, let’s get into the details, and see what is on offer.


If you are like me, you enjoy listening to your tunes, when you are out and about. This extends to traveling in the car, and this time of the year, singing along with Christmas music. Many newer automotive makers have vehicle product lines have A/V smart radio receivers are factory installed. This is nice to have, without adding an after-market unit, but it comes with some hurdles. Many different radios can only playback certain file formats, while excluding others from the list.


Burning Studio 18 has a sure-fire way to make it possible to make a disc that will be compatible for whatever device is in the car, and playback is a breeze. The program is designed to allow you to select from numerous presets for radios/playback devices that take the guesswork out of this process, an excellent program feature for 21st Century music disc authoring. This is a must-have feature for disc authoring of today’s digital music.

People this time of year make numerous photos, video, and memories of the holiday festivities. When they sit down to compile the images into a cohesive whole, and lay out albums, it can be overwhelming and in disarray as to how best to present them to the group. Many have elected to turn them into slideshows and add in music and transitions, so they can be shown on the computer and/or TV.


Since the release of Burning Studio 18, this excellent program has added the support for MPEG-4 H.264/AAC audio-video file formats. This allows you to create state-of-the-art HD videos that give you the sheen of a Hollywood production, yet star you and your friends and family. Now when you add transitions and sound effects, you will how numerous ways to make your memories sparkle.


Data breaches and e-mail scandals make the headlines, it seems weekly. From the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government, and the recent election fiasco, on down to local government office being ransomed by hackers, to ordinary people getting their personal computers locked out, unless Bitcoin is paid for its release. Now, more than ever, people need solid, controlled environments to backup and secure their data for these and other reasons. Burning Studio 18, and the stable of single and multi-span volume backups/archives. Knowing that you can put your trust in this program, and know that if the worse happens, you can get your data (and to a certain extent, your life) back. This cannot be understated and brushed aside, as a core feature for burning software.


These are but a few, key features that have been added and/or improved with this edition of the software. I know that if you try this version, you will be very happy with these changes. If you act now (December 2016), you will find that many of Ashampoo’s products are on sale, with significant discounts to be had. As always, the trial version of the program will allow you try it out for yourself. Until next time, Merry Christmas and keep on techin’ . . .

CopyTrans Suite Review

In today’s media-centric world, portability is the name of the game. Within the last fifteen years, iDevices have remained the top-tier product line in the world of portable media players, smartphones, and tablets, over their competition product lines. Having the best hardware platform is a great asset, but with Apple’s closed ecosystem, including media organizer/playback software, has its limitations. People crave choices and the ability to manage their hardware, without having to be tied to one piece of software. To add to the complications that come with a single software pipeline; people sometimes have difficulty keeping up-to-date with iTunes changes or updates, due to hardware/software limitations and parameters for these devices.


What alternatives might there be available, if one has these issues? I have good news for you! WindSolutionsCopyTrans Suite is a fully-featured software suite that allows you to transfer songs, videos, playlist, photos, contacts, and apps, without using iTunes at all. You can also backup, restore, and transfer (both the device and libraries) without the need for other software, as well. This is all done, with the central command center software that allows you pick which utility you need for each task; clutter-free and intuitive GUI for ease of use.

The primary module (which can be used free-of-charge), is the CopyTrans Manager.


This fine piece of software allows you to upload media files to your iDevice, from your laptop or desktop computer. It is lightweight, and uses less resources, than iTunes, all while performing a very similar function of placing music, movies, and ringtones in the directories that the native apps on your device use. While you can only add media files from your computer to your device, one-way, the other apps in the suite allow you to take media files from your iDevice and download them to your computer; besides, you cannot beat free for the cost of this module, for this functionality.

The next module that we will look at it is CopyTrans main program, itself.


This program allows you to transfer your media files (videos, music, and apps) from your iDevice to your computer. You can then import that data into your iTunes, to add them to your library. In addition to copying these to your computer, CopyTrans is smart piece of software, in that it knows what to you have and have not downloaded, and/or imported into iTunes, so you will not get duplicates. It even maintains your ratings, and ID3 tags, so you will not have to redo them on your computer, as one is apt to do, without proper software. If you have media files you only have a copy on your iDevice, without an alternate source, this can save your bacon, if you need to backup/save copies on your system!

Being able to get your contacts synced and managed between your iDevices and computer is very important task to undertake, and CopyTrans Contacts has you covered.


I know how important it is to keep your contacts managed, up-to-date, and readily accessible. I have always been underwhelmed by how iTunes gets your contacts in/out of your computer, especially if you do not keep your contacts in the default address book, included in your OS. Now, using CopyTrans Contacts allows me to backup my contacts, where I have them stored and port them to my iDevice with ease. Well worth the price of admission!

Managing one’s photos and albums takes on an added importance as our iDevices have supplanted our dedicated cameras more and more with better optics, framing mechanics, and HDR image processing. Having a camera in our pockets/purses means our memories are on these devices, and getting them into our computers to make archives a vital piece of the puzzle. In this milieu, WindSolutions’ CopyTrans Photo rises to this challenge, competently and easily.


Using this tool allows you to upload/download your photos with a split window that allows you to browse your images and albums, choose what to save/move to your device(s), and sync them, flawlessly. It is very intuitive and a breeze for people who have any experience with Windows/Mac GUI interfaces.

The key infrastructure that the iTunes software on your PC functions revolves around apps. Before CopyTrans Apps, you had to use iTunes for putting downloaded apps on your iDevice; this was especially true, before Apple allowed you download/sync directly to your device, without using a computer.


Now with this versatile piece of software, you can add/remove apps, organize them, and even modify settings and sync documents; all without having to boot up iTunes at all (Apple iOS 8.3+ does put new restrictions/limits on how 3rd. party software can interface with apps and settings; check WindSolutions website for further details). Depending on what apps and iOS version you have, you can even move high scores and preferences between devices, as well.

Next on the agenda, CopyTrans TuneSwift, an excellent utility for backing up, restoring, and transferring iTunes library between devices. This is a critical tool, as a loss of an iTunes library can be devastating and costly! As someone who has experienced this problem, I can tell you trying to reconstruct the library, with remaking playlists, re-linking files, getting rid of duplicates, and making sure metadata is accurate is quite a chore.

Being able to backup a polished library, to my PC (outside of iTunes), store it on a external drive or optical disc, and then import/transfer it to a new or upgraded PC, is wonderful feature to have. This functions as a vital coverage option, as forgetting to deactivate your computer before OS change or in the event of a hardware failure can cause you use up your activations, which would make your DRM media unusable and inaccessible. While you may be able to convince Apple to untangle your problem, you will lose valuable time and resources. This option is missing from iTunes, natively (to my knowledge), so WindSolutions is leading this charge to give their users the ability to keep their libraries save, secure, and well protected.

The last software title in this full-featured suite is CopyTrans Shelbee.


While the name may not denote what it’s function does, do not be discouraged, as it is a very powerful whole iDevice backup system. iTunes does have a built-in device backup, but I find it cumbersome, lacks intuitive usage, and always has to sync the device, before staring the said process. Now, with Shelbee, you can do full backups, incremental backups (backup only the changes since a prior backup) or restore from either of those, two options, with just a few clicks!


It is very easy to select where you want to store your backups, and find them again, with no trouble at all. It takes the difficulty out of doing such a common task, without having to worry about getting your devices backed up right or frequently. Best of all, you will have peace of mind, knowing that if an iDevice has software corruption or fails an update, you can be back in business, in no time. In a life on the go, knowing you can get back to being mobile, quickly, is time and resources spent, wisely.

What more can I say about this fine software suite, but restate the obvious. It is fantastical and covers all of the bases. While several of the aforementioned programs/modules are free, the paid programs (CopyTrans, CopyTrans Photo, CopyTrans Contacts, and CopyTrans TuneSwift) can be bought a la carte ($14.99-$19.99/program) or in a four-pack for a reduced price ($29.99 for all four). Seeing the value and interconnectivity of these programs, I am sure you will agree that it is well worth the money to by the four-pack to have complete control of your iDevice/computer interface. In addition, buying the paid software titles helps fund development and customer support for all of the products, and their continual updates.

WindSolutions strives to make the best possible software products to augment iDevices. This reflects the development spirit that independents, such as these fine folks, embody, and bring to the table. They marry the top-tier hardware vendor to their software, which makes the best of both worlds; a unified and easy to manage ecosystem of iDevice usage for users on both Windows and Mac.

Try out their free modules and demos for each of these software titles, and I know you will give them your business patronage. After all, the premise of smartphones and tablets is freedom of choice, wherever you are at now, and where you are going next. Sailing with WindSolutions will help you get there faster, easier, and safer. Until next time, keep moving and exploring you world, via technology. . .