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Tenorshare UltData In-Depth Review

Tenorshare UltData In-Depth Review

Our day-to-day lives depend on mobile technology more and more. Our phones are the epicenter of our data, photos, apps, movies, music, etc. With so much invested in these devices, a reliable and dependable resource management system needs to be in place, so you can get to this critical information when your device is inaccessible and is possibly broken or physically damaged. The recovery options for iOS devices has grown for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh Operation System(s), in regards to programs and utilities that accomplish this task for average users.

Of the options available, a highly-rated program has risen through the ranks, Tenorshare’s UltData.


This fine program has you covered, not matter what issue is preventing you from getting into your iDevice, and its key information. No matter if you have dropped your device, and broke it, hung on the boot-up logo, accidental deletion, and many other issues, it can get it back for you. It accomplishes this in one of three ways: retrieval from you iCloud account, restoring from you iTunes Backup, or even directly from you iDevice. Each has their advantages and uses, and which one you ever choose; you will be pleased with the results.


As someone, who has an old iPhone 4, from 2010, I can tell you that being able to access critical data that has been invaluable is getting back restored photos and notes, along with app data backups. In having an older device, I have not been able to use iTunes to do backup/syncs, without causing errors and problems. Now having an option to use UltData to get these files either from my device or from iCloud, I can feel a peace of mind, in knowing that my information is not too far out of reach.


Once you initialize the backup sequence, it is well organized and easy to see what is available for recovery. You can easily see your call history, photos, and texts, in real-time, so you can only restore that stuff you want, and not bring back things you do not need, or no longer require. Whatever you recover from your device, you can take those, and re-sync them back into your device to use them, going forward.



In trying to preserve my digital life, recorded on my iPhone and iPad, which covers my entire married life, having software that will help me use my data to migrate to a set of newer iDevices (which I am hopeful that I can acquire sometimes this year), will make this dicey proposition possible, with a safety net. I use my mobile devices, and their features to keep my life focused and on-track. Any prospects of losing this critical information that I cannot get back is something I want to prevent, and having tools, such as Tenorshare makes is a much less probably outcome.


Tenorshare_logoYou may be asking yourself, why I should choose UltData for my iOS device recovery options, over other options on the market. The answer is many reasons (some which I have already cited). One standout that you, my readers may find important and treasure for your peace of mind, is that Tenorshare is an award-winning company, with UltData  winning 2016 Golden Award from TopTenReviews.com. This is a nice, prestigious award to win from a reputable software review site, and further highlights the advantages that this software offers your iOS devices, whether or not your computer runs on Windows or Mac.

The entry cost for this peace of mind and tool-set is very reasonable, and scalable, based upon your needs as an individual, family, or if you have an organization or commercial enterprise that would require vast number of device support numbers. The starting tier is a 1-yr. Subscription, which runs $83.95 USD, and includes a license for one computer, one year support and one year of upgrades. The second tier is the Family Pack, $139.95 USD, and is a license for 2-5 computers, lifetime usage, lifetime support, and lifetime upgrades. The top-tier of licenses is the Unlimited License, which runs $699.95 USD and that is unlimited devices, support, and upgrades, and the best value across the board. If you act right now, they are running a 40% off sale that slashes the prices drastically, but only for a very, short time (the sale ends on 07/11/16). As is usually the case, most software I review has a demo/trial version that you can try, risk-free.

If you have ever had an iDevice that has failed on you, you can be sure that this program can give you the best chance to get your data back. I know that once you try this software, you will be hooked on keeping your data safeguarded with the umbrella of programs from Tenorshare; do not forget to tell them that I sent you. As always, keep on techin’!

Product Review: Squirrels Reflector 2 In-Depth:

Product Review: Squirrels Reflector 2 In-Depth:

In the multi-device connected world, in which we live, we have the need of the usage of tablets, smartphones, and mobile devices, crossing over with our desktops and laptops; all requiring those to display our content in various screens simultaneously. Options to do this, particularly on the Windows PC side, are few and far between, and this is especially the case, if you are operating a non-jail-broken tablet or smartphone that run iOS operating system. I was unsure how to undertake this task, until I discovered Squirrels, and Reflector 2.reflector-2-1

In my travels and tech tasks, I have found myself in needing to show my smart device’s screen, its apps, and even the audio feed. The best way to access these elements strives from the AirPlay wireless standard, created by Apple, which allows each of their modern technology devices communicate with one another seamlessly and without much fuss. When you migrate over to devices not made by Apple and/or do not run on their proprietary operating system, you run into problems. Many manufactures have come onto the marketplace, and now create accessories and products that work for these devices, but the emphasis is on apps and other hardware accessories, rather than making these devices have AirPlay support for Microsoft Windows.

In discovering Squirrel, and their stable of software titles, I have found the solution to this conundrum. The first part I reviewed last time, AirParrot 2, allows you to transmit from one PC to other PC’s or devices. Its companion/counterpart, Reflector 2, allows your PC to receive signals from other PC’s, and for the focus of this piece, iOS screen capture and mirroring.

I want to stress at the onset of this article, the capabilities to receive other PC’s video/audio signals are quite strong and very versatile. I have had the usage of this functionality in several situations, but what I want to share with you/explore with you is how easy it is to link your computer to your smartphone/tablet, and share that synergy to great effect. I know that you will come to see how vital this will be to your digital life, whether or not you have a disability.3

One usage of this screen mirroring can be streaming or watching games on your PC or home theater system, broadcast from your mobile device. I am fortunate that I have a dedicated streaming device for watching media outlets (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, etc.), but many people do not have such a piece of hardware, and having a software solution that natively supports either Android Google Play or Apple AirPlay standards can allow them to accomplish this task. Trying to watch a small screen is fine for being on the go, but if you want to watch things as a group or media that is more easily understood in a larger scale, using a casting protocol or software applet is the way to proceed. I can see value in this great feature.

If you have a need to control the reception of data gathered by Reflector 2, there are a couple of companion apps that allow for remote control for both corporate and educational environments. The apps in question are called, Reflector Director and Reflector Student. Each of these can be used to either allow collaborative learning in corporate settings or between students in the classroom.reflector-2-2

It is quite nice to share your screen, and watch live, in real-time. However, being able to record what is shared is a vital way to dissipate your information and share your presentations in the cloud, via sites such as YouTube. Thankfully, Reflector 2 has such support built-in, where you can broadcast yourself on the stream, and allows you to also show a mirrored device, integrated into your presentation. You can show yourself, move to a mirrored device in your stream, back to you; all while uploading the video to YouTube Live. I have yet to use this, but in the future, I might move to video reviews, instead of typed ones, that I have been using from day one on my blog.

Bottom line, if you need to seamlessly embed your smart device into your desktop/stream casting device, you need this program. This used in conjunction with AirParrot 2, makes a complete ecosystem for broadcasting and receiving smart device into desktop/laptop environments. The nice thing is that this program can be had for as little as $14.99 USD/computer. If you need a multi-user/multi-device license model, those are available as well. I know that if you try this, you will jump and buy this with no hesitation. They offer their software for Windows and Mac, so the two major platforms for desktops/laptops are supported, along with Android and iOS for mobile devices. You owe it to yourself to have this at your disposal. As always, keep on techin’ . . .

Day-of-Release: Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD 4.0

Day-of-Release: Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD 4.0

Two generations ago, family and friends might gather around a projector screen, with a slide projector with a slide rotary caddy. They would take these opportunities to recap trips they went on, things they saw, and people they experienced the events with. As been the subject of numerous parodies and skits, people have been subjected to seeing the same scene, over and over again, with off-handed quotes. You typically hear such things as “Here is Gene, on the right!” Now he is on the left!” “You remember the heat that day, Gene?” What do you think, Barbra?” The purpose of these gatherings was to track and chart the milestones of people’s life.


Today, the technology is different, but the purpose has carried on into day, with computers, mobile device cameras, optical media (DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K-UHD) and streaming video being the media that these memories are recorded onto for preservation. The scope has been expanded to now encompass the avenues of commerce, education, entertainment, and journalism, in addition to the personal recordings of yesteryear. The learning curve of these software programs has varied over the years, coupled with the available feature sets that they each offer. If you get an easy-to-use program, the features might be limited. If you choose a more full-featured program, you tend to find yourself facing a less-friendly GUI/UX that is much less intuitive and systematic.


I am glad to report to you, today, that a new, more powerful, and full-featured program has debuted today, from those fine folks at Ashampoo, entitled Slideshow Studio HD 4.0. This great program fully carries forward the fine, long-standing tradition that Ashampoo has come to represent; demonstrated by the craftsmanship you find in this and all of their programs. Not only does have the standard functions you would expect from a slideshow program, but the forward-looking embrace 4K Ultra-High-Definition video standard that is bursting on the scene.scr_ashampoo_slideshowstudio_hd4_simplemode_adapt_to_music

This promises of up to 8x the resolution of 1080P video, with support for High-Dynamic Range (HDR) for extreme life-like imagery and natural shadows, mid-range tones, and highlights. As Hollywood has begun taking this file format as the go-to choice for how they capture our blockbusters, and present them to us for home theater consumption, not many home enthusiasts programs offer this functionality, but Slideshow Studio HD 4.0 comes through for you, in this regard.


Not only does this software program that has these feature-set, included, but it also introduces the addition of 17 new transition effects, not available in prior versions. If the included transitions and effects that come bundled with the program do not meet all of your needs, post-launch, additional templates will be made available, free of charge from their website. I can attest that having an online depository for specialized templates has been a lifesaver, on several occasions, with other software; I am very looking forward to have this resource for this program available to me and to you, my faithful readers.


As a faithful user of iOS devices for seven years or so, I need tools and software that allows me to enjoy my media and share it with those in my circle, on these devices. While I have yet to make a mobile-enabled slideshow, with Slideshow Studio HD 4.0, has specialized output settings for these devices, so you have full confidence that your final project will work on these devices, with minimal hassle and problems. For those of you that use Android or other operating systems on your mobile devices, they have output device profiles for those pieces of equipment.


As you may recall my wife has a home-based art business, and she has branched into tutorials and training videos, in addition to her artwork for sale. She has done videos on Periscope, and uploaded some basic time-elapsed videos of her paintings, but having this tool in her arsenal will allow her to create more polished and professional videos in this vein. I can see that she might very well start laying a narration track over her work, and better explain her creative process to help budding artist reach their potential. I can see that the software’s support of this feature will help her obtain her goal for this purpose.


Right now, if you purchase this program on the launch day or soon after (which is today, July, 11, 2016), you can have this program for 50% off its regular price of $39.99 USD for a Single-User License. This is a nice savings, and will allow you to become a paying customer for Ashampoo’s products, and might entitle you to future upgrades and discounts on this program, as well as the other members of their product family line. In my opinion, this is well worth the money for such a powerful and versatile program that can be used for personal and professional projects, alike. If you need this program for multi-user environments or for business purposes, you can contact them for a price quote, directly. If you still are not convinced that this is for you, you can use their trial version, and test it out for yourself. As always, keep on techin’!

CopyTrans Suite Review

In today’s media-centric world, portability is the name of the game. Within the last fifteen years, iDevices have remained the top-tier product line in the world of portable media players, smartphones, and tablets, over their competition product lines. Having the best hardware platform is a great asset, but with Apple’s closed ecosystem, including media organizer/playback software, has its limitations. People crave choices and the ability to manage their hardware, without having to be tied to one piece of software. To add to the complications that come with a single software pipeline; people sometimes have difficulty keeping up-to-date with iTunes changes or updates, due to hardware/software limitations and parameters for these devices.


What alternatives might there be available, if one has these issues? I have good news for you! WindSolutionsCopyTrans Suite is a fully-featured software suite that allows you to transfer songs, videos, playlist, photos, contacts, and apps, without using iTunes at all. You can also backup, restore, and transfer (both the device and libraries) without the need for other software, as well. This is all done, with the central command center software that allows you pick which utility you need for each task; clutter-free and intuitive GUI for ease of use.

The primary module (which can be used free-of-charge), is the CopyTrans Manager.


This fine piece of software allows you to upload media files to your iDevice, from your laptop or desktop computer. It is lightweight, and uses less resources, than iTunes, all while performing a very similar function of placing music, movies, and ringtones in the directories that the native apps on your device use. While you can only add media files from your computer to your device, one-way, the other apps in the suite allow you to take media files from your iDevice and download them to your computer; besides, you cannot beat free for the cost of this module, for this functionality.

The next module that we will look at it is CopyTrans main program, itself.


This program allows you to transfer your media files (videos, music, and apps) from your iDevice to your computer. You can then import that data into your iTunes, to add them to your library. In addition to copying these to your computer, CopyTrans is smart piece of software, in that it knows what to you have and have not downloaded, and/or imported into iTunes, so you will not get duplicates. It even maintains your ratings, and ID3 tags, so you will not have to redo them on your computer, as one is apt to do, without proper software. If you have media files you only have a copy on your iDevice, without an alternate source, this can save your bacon, if you need to backup/save copies on your system!

Being able to get your contacts synced and managed between your iDevices and computer is very important task to undertake, and CopyTrans Contacts has you covered.


I know how important it is to keep your contacts managed, up-to-date, and readily accessible. I have always been underwhelmed by how iTunes gets your contacts in/out of your computer, especially if you do not keep your contacts in the default address book, included in your OS. Now, using CopyTrans Contacts allows me to backup my contacts, where I have them stored and port them to my iDevice with ease. Well worth the price of admission!

Managing one’s photos and albums takes on an added importance as our iDevices have supplanted our dedicated cameras more and more with better optics, framing mechanics, and HDR image processing. Having a camera in our pockets/purses means our memories are on these devices, and getting them into our computers to make archives a vital piece of the puzzle. In this milieu, WindSolutions’ CopyTrans Photo rises to this challenge, competently and easily.


Using this tool allows you to upload/download your photos with a split window that allows you to browse your images and albums, choose what to save/move to your device(s), and sync them, flawlessly. It is very intuitive and a breeze for people who have any experience with Windows/Mac GUI interfaces.

The key infrastructure that the iTunes software on your PC functions revolves around apps. Before CopyTrans Apps, you had to use iTunes for putting downloaded apps on your iDevice; this was especially true, before Apple allowed you download/sync directly to your device, without using a computer.


Now with this versatile piece of software, you can add/remove apps, organize them, and even modify settings and sync documents; all without having to boot up iTunes at all (Apple iOS 8.3+ does put new restrictions/limits on how 3rd. party software can interface with apps and settings; check WindSolutions website for further details). Depending on what apps and iOS version you have, you can even move high scores and preferences between devices, as well.

Next on the agenda, CopyTrans TuneSwift, an excellent utility for backing up, restoring, and transferring iTunes library between devices. This is a critical tool, as a loss of an iTunes library can be devastating and costly! As someone who has experienced this problem, I can tell you trying to reconstruct the library, with remaking playlists, re-linking files, getting rid of duplicates, and making sure metadata is accurate is quite a chore.

Being able to backup a polished library, to my PC (outside of iTunes), store it on a external drive or optical disc, and then import/transfer it to a new or upgraded PC, is wonderful feature to have. This functions as a vital coverage option, as forgetting to deactivate your computer before OS change or in the event of a hardware failure can cause you use up your activations, which would make your DRM media unusable and inaccessible. While you may be able to convince Apple to untangle your problem, you will lose valuable time and resources. This option is missing from iTunes, natively (to my knowledge), so WindSolutions is leading this charge to give their users the ability to keep their libraries save, secure, and well protected.

The last software title in this full-featured suite is CopyTrans Shelbee.


While the name may not denote what it’s function does, do not be discouraged, as it is a very powerful whole iDevice backup system. iTunes does have a built-in device backup, but I find it cumbersome, lacks intuitive usage, and always has to sync the device, before staring the said process. Now, with Shelbee, you can do full backups, incremental backups (backup only the changes since a prior backup) or restore from either of those, two options, with just a few clicks!


It is very easy to select where you want to store your backups, and find them again, with no trouble at all. It takes the difficulty out of doing such a common task, without having to worry about getting your devices backed up right or frequently. Best of all, you will have peace of mind, knowing that if an iDevice has software corruption or fails an update, you can be back in business, in no time. In a life on the go, knowing you can get back to being mobile, quickly, is time and resources spent, wisely.

What more can I say about this fine software suite, but restate the obvious. It is fantastical and covers all of the bases. While several of the aforementioned programs/modules are free, the paid programs (CopyTrans, CopyTrans Photo, CopyTrans Contacts, and CopyTrans TuneSwift) can be bought a la carte ($14.99-$19.99/program) or in a four-pack for a reduced price ($29.99 for all four). Seeing the value and interconnectivity of these programs, I am sure you will agree that it is well worth the money to by the four-pack to have complete control of your iDevice/computer interface. In addition, buying the paid software titles helps fund development and customer support for all of the products, and their continual updates.

WindSolutions strives to make the best possible software products to augment iDevices. This reflects the development spirit that independents, such as these fine folks, embody, and bring to the table. They marry the top-tier hardware vendor to their software, which makes the best of both worlds; a unified and easy to manage ecosystem of iDevice usage for users on both Windows and Mac.

Try out their free modules and demos for each of these software titles, and I know you will give them your business patronage. After all, the premise of smartphones and tablets is freedom of choice, wherever you are at now, and where you are going next. Sailing with WindSolutions will help you get there faster, easier, and safer. Until next time, keep moving and exploring you world, via technology. . .