Tenorshare ReiBoot 5.0 In-Depth Review

In my numerous articles that I have written over the intervening years, my emphasis has been on the importance of digital security, privacy, and data efficacy that our 21st Century lives require. On the front lines of the primary interface of technology, networking, and the human element, the focus has shifted from the desktop/laptop machine to the truly portable computer, the smartphone/tablet. Gone are the days of just making phone calls, checking you home answering machine with toll-saver or remote tone generator, and writing your message on a piece of paper.


Now, we check our phone messages on the phone, for our portable/home number, write messages, texts, e-mails, play games, listen to music, watch movies, and keep our wallets on our phones (money, pictures, numbers, I.D. etc.). So much consolidation has many drawbacks, but not so different from the days of yore, a loss of an organizer/smartphone/wallet has far reaching consequences; a scene out of the film, “Taking Care of Business,” where Charles Grodin loses his notebook/organizer, and it is found by James Belushi’s grifter character.

Such catastrophic events means that we must be vigilant and protective of our data, as well as solid, backup/restore capabilities to make sure that any theft, fire, loss, or hardware failure will not take our, precious digital life away with our physical device. Your choices in this area are widening all of the time, but a trusted professional company, which has a solid reputation and case history, are the wonderful folks at Tenorshare.  You may recall my article on their iPhone Data Recovery Suite, which would meet the aforementioned issues, but a key companion piece of software is Reiboot 5.0.


Having the tools, equipment, and proper cables and software will do you very little good, in regards to being able to utilize them for their intended purpose if your phone will not boot properly or gets stuck in a reboot loop, due to OS or other software updates. You can hope that the manual restart commands will work, but I can tell you from personal experience that they do not always work. You can try and repeat the steps of holding down a certain button combination, but when you see your data, saves, phone numbers of friends, family, business contacts, and even important government numbers going up in digital smoke, you will sweat bullets and cry many, many tears, and in my case, pray fervent prayers, in hopes that all is not lost. It bears mentioning at this juncture that you should have been diligent in do phone data backups (more than just the default cloud saves that come with phone manufacture’s user accounts, as data backed up in one place is just archives, two or more places is a backup), so if a reboot recovery is not possible, you have a baseline to work back from in getting you phone and your life, back on track.


If your manual efforts are unsuccessful, the Reiboot program from Tenorshare can come to the rescue. I am certain that no matter if you are a seasoned iDevice user or new to the ownership of a smartphone, this will deliver. Many companies might be inclined to charge for this recovery function or only give you trial access to this feature, only to ask for money later; not Tenorshare though.


Besides the ability to get your device unstuck from a boot loop, it can also get your phone/tablet out of other, difficult startup issues. This fine piece of software can allow you also tackle a phone stuck on the boot logo, or get a phone out of restore mode, and several other problems under the umbrella of software-based touchscreen woes. This covers a wide range of solutions for these problems, and if you need more help, you can then move up to Tenorshare iCareFone that covers a wide spectrum of tools and device recovery options.


The process is straightforward and very easy to find out your way through the program, and its steps. If you feel lost or are unsure of how to proceed, the website has excellent support resources and even sample systematic (step-by-step) instructions to walk you through the process for these problems. Please feel free to contact them, and they will be more than happy to help you, if you need personalized service.


As I stated at the start, this program is free and fairly versatile toolbox for getting your phone back in operation. They have very reasonably-priced programs that augment and exceed the feature set of Reiboot, with ICareFone starting at $29.95 USD. No matter what you need, Tenorshare has you covered for your iDevice needs, even for the latest devices (iPhone 6S, iPhone 5 SE, iPad Air 2/Pro, etc.). Check them out, and I know that you will agree. Until next time, keep on techin’!. . .

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