soreyal: promiseyoumore: have you ever heard the phrase “Christmas in July” for sales or special promotions??? well, now you have and to celebrate 700 followers I am hosting a small giveaway! What I’m Giving Away: 16cm Christmas Alpacasso! How To Enter: – you DO NOT have to be following me! – Like Post – Reblog … More

kriskurse: skylordlewis: i am literally trying to give away an mtg event deck + booster and no one wants it i thought i was friends with nerds what is this. I’d take them 😀 I want, too!

kriskurse: skylordlewis: kriskurse: skylordlewis: i just gained like 4 followers and I’m p sure its cause i said i was giving away mtg cards …  hello there.  We are a vast community. I see that!  It’s not a bad thing I just feel like I’ve cheated you all since I’m giving them away because I’ve … More

Capcom is officially up for sale and Nintendo needs to buy

gamegreengang: I know I still have E3 stuff to do, but this could not wait. I recently read an article stating that Capcom will officially be up for potential purpose. Their sneaky dastardly ways of sneaking into your pockets and pullin out whatever they find is officially coming to… If Nintendo doesn’t buy the company, … More Capcom is officially up for sale and Nintendo needs to buy

protobutt: villagertrade: thehijackbunny: silversteampunk: I used this image because I’ve seen it posted without a source SO many times.  (I’m looking at you Disney fandom) Artwork – [x] I’m gonna go ahead and signal boost the living fuck out of this. It’s VERY EASY to find the source to a picture. Please. Source them. This … More

The Golden Age of Children’s TV, the 90’s. Throw the 1980’s in, and you got a deal!!! 🙂