Audials One 2020 Showcase

Inclusive Media Program Suite

Earlier this year, I brought you news of the annualized release from Audials, of their flagship media program suite. I am pleased to notify you that the next iteration from this fine company is now available to purchase. The 2020 edition has contained inside of itself some important additions and changes to make this product a greater value to their customers and brings it into more alignment with what they demand from their streaming-focused media consumption. The improved engine and tool-set is well worth the cost, and will help oneself to consume and retain current media properties.

Music Player Panel
Supported Music Streaming Services

I have taken a renewed interested in the genres of bluegrass, country, and folk music, as I have been thoroughly entertained and educated on the deep history of these genres of music and the crossover between them, via Ken Burns film, entitled Country Music. As such, I have been seeking out the tunes, artists, and albums highlighted in this documentary series; many of the original recordings and complete albums are hard to source, as they have gone out of print. Fortunately, online sources, such as YouTube, and other streaming services have retained copies of these lost compositions, as they have archived recordings, film clips, and concert footage available to consume. The downside of these archives, are not conducive to portable media, DRM-free consumption, as they require dedicated apps, subscriptions, and consistent online connectivity to watch/listen.

Recording Window
Music/Video Recording

The upside is that you can use this program to capture said obscure music titles, as long as hold a valid usage rights to play it back, and are allowed to record it in your host/home country. Once this is done, you can have a flawless 1:1 copy that will be DRM-free in the file format you selected in the recording options in the program. Now you can load it into whatever music program or portable player you select.

Video Streaming Services

This diverse toolset, contained in Audials One 2020 includes more than just audio recording. This years version has support for Full HD (1080p) and UHD (2160p) recording from streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Video, etc. This is accomplished with new support for GPU encoding, so the process should be much more smooth than in previous iterations. One new highlight, if allowed in your country is to be able to record Netflix in Full HD, natively, rather than be limited to only 720p, such as in the Google Chrome Browser. Some titles on Netflix do support downloading, and certain series do have physical media releases, but this opens up the entire Netflix catalog for offline viewing. This is a great option for people with throttled internet connections to keep their data usage under their respective caps, yet be able to watch the shows over and over again.

Subtitle Options

One, other thing that helps open up media consumption for people with disability is new support for subtitles. Hearing-impaired people can now have their offline recorded videos have the subtitles built in. Now they can read along with the program and follow the storyline with greater ease. This is an overdue feature that now has been corrected.

There are many, more new additions and changes to be documented in this fine suite, as these are just the highlights. You can see the full list on Audials One 2020 website here. As you can see this program has only gotten better over the years, and is well worth the upgrade price. The list price is $49.90 USD, but you can qualify for a discount, depending on the age of your last purchased version. Either way, you be most pleased with your purchase. As always, keep on techin’ . . .

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