Blog Creature Type – Changling

This week’s post is to notify my loyal readers/followers that this blog is growing in focus, with a renewed emphasis on how gamers of all stripes play games (digital and physical). In addition, I also feel compelled to show how they interact with the community, through social media,  software platforms (OS’s, front-ends) adaptive controllers/hardware, and … More Blog Creature Type – Changling

Other than iTunes and the links here on Blogatog, where else could I download your podcasts? I don’t use the former and the latter has cut some podcasts short for me, namely the ones on Maro, Names, and Emotional Connection (and I think one other I can’t recall). Perhaps some fine Question Mark can help me out?

markrosewater: Can anyone help? You can use Instacast podcast app that has Drive to Work and others you can subscribe to for Mac/iOS.